Saturday, June 9, 2012

let's put the "MENTAL" back in "experimental"

in short, for june and july, let's go crazy with the index card a day habit from the daisy yellow art blog and try some things we're totally not good at and make really weird cards and HAVE FUN! who's with me? awesome, let's go! here are my latest cards:

 card #5: draw your camera

ok, this is the sort of prompt i ordinarily just skip over. because much to my lifelong dismay, and despite classes and books and practice, i cannot draw. at all. but this whole project is about PROCESS rather than OUTCOME, right? so i thought it should be high on my list. and i have to say, despite the fact that my drawing looks like the work of a not very promising fifth grader, it does also look like a very simplified, 2-D version, of my camera!!! and thus i am really proud of this card! :) :) :)

card#6: doodle your name

speaking of fifth grade, that was probably the last time i doodled my name, and it felt kind of weird to do so without someone droning on about algebra for 20 minutes whilst i worked. on the other hand, there were no sewing machines in mr. tregaskis' classroom, and we didn't have awesome white pigment pens back in the olden days, either.

card#7: dictionary

after my bold adventures i was kind of happy to get back to the terra firma of collage... this one's a "two-fer" (kinda) in that the background is a page from the marvellous vintage chinese dictionary my friend liz (who teaches chinese) recently gave me, and one of the other prompts for the week was "dragon-fly"! (work with me, people! work with me!)

oh yeah, i made covers* between which to keep my finished cards, too:

i used the first and last cards from the little packet of dividers i found whilst looking for my index cards, backing them with some scraps of thin chipboard to make them a bit sturdier. i'm planning to decorate the covers, o'course, but i'm not quite sure how yet... so i'm leaving them plain until an idea occurs to me.

tomorrow i have a lovely-- and very sensible-- card for this week's CCCB challenge, in the meantime i wish you a very happy saturday, darlings! ♥

*this is something i highly recommend for those of us who tend to start things and not finish them:  at the earliest opportunity, start to make your endeavor look like a "finished project"! because whereas i might be able to walk away from a little pile of random index cards, an official "ICAD MINIBOOK" is irresistible, no?! (this is the philosophy behind my vacation travel books, and it turned out to be the thing that allowed me able to come home from trips with completed journals!) ♥


  1. Oh Lauren I am soooooooooooooooo loving these! Fabulous creations! Fabulous! Love your hand drawn did a great job...looks so cute with the little happy face! Yeah! And the doodling...cute! The dragaon fly is amazingly done...perfect mix for that one! I'm going to have to check this challenge out. Can't wait to see more of these!!!!

  2. Love them all but seriously...gotta love the one with mr. dreamy:)

  3. I love that you make these little book projects. I shall continue to live vicariously through yours since I would have nowhere to put a finished book (much less multiples) in this place. :D

  4. Thank you for introducing me to the Index Card a Day! I hope you'll join me again at 52 Card Pickup this week!!

  5. way to step out of your comfort zone and rock it girl :)

    the camera one is my fav!!!

  6. Great cards, doodle name is a fave and that's a pretty darn good camera drawing. xox

  7. Oh so fun!!! Love 'em.....especially that little camera you drew! Precious!

  8. These are AWesOME!!! I love the first card especially!! I can see you totally being stalkerish of him if you ever got the chance. haha I bet when you were in Hawaii you were like....please let Daniel Craig walk outta the water like that so I can drool. He could be in Hawaii. He could.. It'd be more likely than NJ. hehe I'm loving doing these cards. I'm sticking them haphazardly in my project life album and other places.... You'll see soon!

  9. Bought some index cards yesterday (and the reason I'm telling you is not only because you introduced me to the idea but when I tell someone I'm going to do something it usually forces me to actually do it). Btw, I think your first paragraph will be my mantra. :)


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