Monday, June 25, 2012

ICAD(2): week 3

i had a great time making my week three ICAD cards last week; but somehow i just ran out of time to photo and post them. so here's a bumper crop for you, of all seven of them... together!

card#15: colored pencils on black

i randomly dropped a few blobs of black glossy craft paint on a card, smooshed it with another card and let the various circles dry completely before turning them into the centers of big weird flowers. i had planned to use prismacolor pencils on top of the black, but for some reason they didn't show up at all well, so i wound up using galaxy markers instead; but i did use the prismas for shading the petals.

 card#16: secret message

i do a lot more ART than JOURNALING on these things (and just in general) but every once in a while i will write (or rant!) a bunch of negativity and then cover it up. this is one of those. i love the innocuous combination of knitting pattern and fluffy kitten... smothered in rub-ons and little bits of misted japanese text.

 card#17: make a pocket

i had saved this bit of envelope because i liked the little travel icons, but as it turns out, it makes a nice little pocket to hold a few new york souvenirs. 
card#18: perfume

weirdly enough i had cut this cute little guy out of a vintage book the day before the week three prompt list was posted, and it made me wonder: *DO* skunks smell bad to other skunks? or just to us?? 

 card#19: your name

one of the best parts of this project (and art journaling, generally, for that matter) is the chance to randomly combine supplies for no reason other than i just LIKE them all, without worrying too much if they turn out well. this is kind of a mess... but in a *GOOD* pink, sparkleeeeeeee way, lol! :)

card#20: the universe

when i'm stumped on a theme i'll often go do a keyword search at think/exist and see what comes up... this quote is a new fave and didn't seem to need much gussying up!

card#21: chandelier/swirl

this is the most serendipitous of the cards, and a two-fer, to boot, so it may be my favorite at the moment: a leftover chandelier transparency, the last bit of prima's doily packaging, book paper misted with swirls, a little scrap of cool norwegian sheet music from miss linda... and possibly the FASTEST collage ever, made about 5 minutes before bedtime!

more index cards soon... and maybe some greeting cards, too! ♥


  1. *squeal* These are so awesome! I love the colours and the detail of the first card. So bright and pretty.

    The second and fourth one made me smile while the 6th one made me lol. How true!

    I adore the pocket card, so much to look at. And your name one is so pretty in pink and I love how you use those items for letters. Way cool.

    That chandelier card looks so elegant and the sentiment is perfect.

    Honestly, this style of yours is what I'm trying to create on my index cards (without ripping off your creative ideas...I'm sure you kwim) but I seem to be defaulting back to a more cardmaking style rather the more art journal-ness that you are doing wonderfully. So, I thank you for the inspiration...hopefully my next batch will be more like what I'm aiming for. :-)

  2. Wow! Oh my Lauren these are just absolutely fabulous! I am soooooooooooo amazed at what you are creating with the prompts! Wow!!!!!!!! I just posted my first easy and fun!

  3. The universe card is fantastic and your colorful flowers, yummy popsicle colors. Great icads. xox

  4. Lauren... I LOVE these... they're all so fabulous, but #17 is my favorite... love that taxi and the clever pocket!!!!!

  5. ALL are fun and fabulous!!!
    Really like the look of that last card too.

  6. super them all...especially the chandie one:)

  7. awesome!!!!
    ok you know which one is my fav!!! *hint kitty* lol

  8. These came out so good!!! I love the hidden message one and the Lauren pink one. So cute!! I might have to do a Gina one now. Ah dang! Love them!!


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