Sunday, June 17, 2012


ok, yeah, clearly i have OFFICIALLY run out of blog post titles, so please bear with me until i have time to run out to the market for more! in the meantime, let's see some additional index cards based on daisy yellow art's week two prompt list. (thankfully, none of them involve chevy chase!) (sorry, chevy, no offense!) :)

card #11: stripes

i couldn't decide whether to combine strips of lots of different striped patterned papers... OR to doodle a bunch of rows... so i split the difference and "outlined" as many striped papers as i could fit on one card. (for the record, that was *9*!) 

card #12: use all of your blue art materials

ok, so, i didn't quite manage to use ALL my blue art materials, but i did use *only* blue things (except for some green distress ink to which i'd accidentally switched the lid and thus THOUGHT i'd be stamping in blue!) which include: mists, inks, gesso colored with dye (& embedded with glitter), prismacolor pencils (blended with gamsol), gems, paper flowers, pearls (colored with copics), decorative/washi tapes, a tiny fish sticker, and a big honkin' butterfly.

card #13: decorate the corners

here's a card i made right after my dental surgery, can you tell??!!! :) admittedly, it's a bit of a "doodle overload" but it distracted me for nearly an hour, which at the time was beyond awesome! the monstas are my beloved mick-n-keef, hand-carved stamps made especially for me by my girl gina, for a monsta-themed ATC swap we did a couple of years ago; i have used them towards the beginning of every new art journaling project and even on a couple of cards. (thus, you cannot actually buy THESE, but g has many other cool hand-carved stamps in her etsy shop!)

card #14: winter colors

this is lovely husband jeff's favorite so far, and a bit of almost shockingly wonderful serendipity: i just happened to stumble upon that print of one of our snowy back-yard trees photoshopped into warholian colorways whilst looking for something else, and thought, "AHA! winter COLORS!!!" :)

that's it for now. hopefully by tomorrow i'll have put the finishing touches on my card for the current CCCB challenge, which involes more buttons than i have ever used together on one project. (wahey!) so c'mon back if you've got a moment. ciao, darlings! ♥


  1. stripes OOF, I LOVE the doodles on the printed stripes. GENIUS!

    blue Oh, yeah, I'm lovin' the everything blue. Nad green is made from blue, so you're totally safe.

    corners I THOUGHT this one looked drug-induced. :D Love all the coloring, and Mick-n-keef ROCK!

    winter Not only is that photo MOST serendipitous, your NO is another spot of pure GENIUS.

    Okay, you are definitely in your element, here. Can't wait to see the next batch!

  2. Oh I like your little folk in decorate the corners and your title made me chuckle. Great stuff. I am behind and have to kick myself into gear. xox

  3. These are fabulous!! I especially looove the blue one and the winter one is pure genius (and the caption is oh so true). Just wonderful!

    P.S. Thank you so much for the amazing make-my-day comments you leave on my blog. You are way too kind!

  4. :) dontcha think that sometimes the title takes more time to think of then the blog post...okay, not really but :)

    Awesome cards my friend. Thanks for the info on the thickers...sounds a bit too dangerous to me {wink} I hope you wear safety goggles.

  5. AMAZING!! I'm so excited we're both doing this. It does make me touch my art supplies almost every other day which was totally not happening before. I plan on making at least 2 cards today later. I have to clean the pantry first.. haha

    Okay on to your cards since I'm like writing an email up in here. I LOVE them. The monster one is amazing. I love those dang stamps still. They are so cute. I remember how long I struggled drawing them out. haha The snow one is so pretty. It kinda makes me go..."BUT its summer!!!" I'm so into the beach thing right now. haha

    The blue one I love. I kinda want to do the "blue" challenge too. I'm kinda just picking and pulling whatever I want to do with no "challenge" or "theme" at all. I just do whatever is in my brain at the moment. Its cool..but dang those themes are starting to call to me. I love all of yours as usual. Off to comment more on others!

  6. Oh yes!!! LOVE all of them! Some fun and some so lovely. Awesome!

  7. Wow, lots of wonderful work there!!!!

  8. Wow! Wow! Wow! These are fabulous! Love all of them! This challenge is so perfect for you!


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