Wednesday, June 6, 2012

i can, therefore ICAD! :)

a few more index cards for you, based on prompts from the awesome ICAD(2) project at daisy yellow, which i am ♥LOVING♥ beyond all reason! both of these are based on the prompt list for week one, which i am working through in a circuitous and laureny way.

card #3: yellow

ok, so apparently a lot of these are going to be collages! :) 

which is both good and bad; good because it's my favorite medium and it's totally FUN to be able to get as free-style and weird as i want*; bad because ideally i'd like this project to also have a "try new things" factor in which i push myself to work in media where i'm less comfortable. i'm hoping that part of it will develop more as i go along.

 card#4: map

apart from the fact that this is unintentionally** a complete homage to my art journaling idol dina wakley, i really like this; i love silhouette images cut from vintage paper, i love sewn outlines, and that stamp just HAPPENED to fit perfectly. yay!

by the way, if you're tempted to join in on this, i highly recommend it both in terms of creative inspiration AND just plain joy! and no, it's not too late! in one of my favorite posts at the daisy yellow blog, (which of course i cannot find now, sorry!!!) our hostess tammy makes a brilliant point, and i quote:

"you don't have to catch up, 
you just have to START"!
(she's right you know!!!)

*if you were ever to transport yourself to the inside of my brain... (which, trust me, i DO NOT recommend, for sooooooooooooo many reasons!!!) ...but if you did, i think you'd find the decor is a lot like this card, except it's in shades pink rather than yellow. just so you know. :) :) :)

**no really, i swear! though admittedly when i did realize it, i went ahead and enhanced the feeling by adding the heart!


  1. magnificent! These are sooo much fun Lauren!

  2. Oh my goodness, these are amazing!

  3. Wow! Fabulous cards! I am so lovin coming here to see what card you've come up're doing such a great job with these! Wow!!!

  4. Oh really fun, good for you. I have been trying new things since starting as well. I hear Dina may be here for a workshop, wahoo, I think it would be a blast. xox

  5. Love that map silhouette beyond belief. Wanted to try something like that with a dance motif for a while now for the girls dance teachers. The way you did might be the push I needed to start my project. Gorgeous cards!

  6. I'm in LOVE in LOVE with the first goldfish one. That one and the aloha one are my favs. FAVS!! These inspired me to do 3 collage ones myself that I just posted. :) Talk to you soon!


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