Wednesday, May 23, 2012

konichiwa, princess plum blossom!

aka "AMY-gurumi"! ♥♥♥

i've been knitting more than crocheting lately, and not really doing too much of that; but when i saw this chibi kokeshi doll pattern by susan morishita* in her etsy shop, amigurumi friends studio, i totally fell in looooooooooove and just HAD TO make it ASAP:

of course by the time i was halfway through i was completely hooked on amigurumi again; i mean what's not to like? ami's are teeny, they attain a nearly unbeatable level of cuuuuuuuuuuuute, and they require only the most basic skills**. plus, crocheting is one of the things you can easily do when you are stuck  laying on your living room floor for several days, in the midst, perhaps, of a bit of a "bad back episode" (which... YEAH... i was, and still am, a bit... ack!)***

i made this adorable little lady for another adorable little lady you may know--ms. amy tsuruta--and
found out today that she has arrived safely at the other end of our nation; i do hope they will live happily ever after together! ♥♥♥

*i was so pleased with this project that i zapped a photo to susan, who posted it on her blog and facebook-- how cool is that?! btw, i highly recommend the "amigurumi friends" patterns not JUST for their massive adorability factor, but also, the instructions are clear and easy to follow; there are plenty of photos, especially of the finishing technique, which i think is the hardest bit and the most important to do right. go check out the shop!!! ♥

**if you can single crochet, increase and decrease, you've pretty much mastered the sport! it is absolutely essential to mark your rows on both your work and your pattern, tho...and to count every single row accurately; i am famous for "fudging" inaccuracies in other crafts, but ami's do kind of need to be precise.

***in addition to this, one of my crazy sub-standard teeth has apparently been plotting secretly against me for MONTHS--either that or, as summer approaches, my dentist has his heart set on an in-ground swimming pool--in any case, tomorrow i'm headed off to see a periodontist about getting some very expensive, totally horrifying, and ALSO not-covered-by-insurance (ACK!!!) work done. did i mention my SERIOUS DENTAL PHOBIA??!?!??!?  if you are not doing anything special at 8am EST on thursday, please send some serious bravery vibes in my direction, k? ta, darlings! ♥♥♥  


  1. Omg, I love it. It's almost unbearably cute. I want to make one...but since your ** went completely over my head I don't believe I have the skills.

    Good luck with your appointment. Dentists...hmrg. I swear I hear mine chortling with glee when I'm paying for mine and my 3 kids cleanings...while making another appointment for my middle child's next round of fillings (poor thing just doesn't have good teeth).

    Oh and btw, I was quite happy to help you with your FECES problem. (Lmao, image what people reading the comments will think? tee hee)

  2. Ah, so cute, creative, and fabulous! She's so tiny - I just want to give her a hug! Precious.

  3. this is waayyy tooo cute...i totally can't crochet or knit...never learned and just don't get very envious of the results...

    periodontist work isn't too bad...I had some done years ago when I had to get my wisdom teeth out and needed a crown on the tooth next to it...I thought it would be worse...I was the crown part that sucked...the other stuff was just "uncomfortable"...mostly in the recovery aspect...sending big hugs and support your way...

    hoping your back feels better too...that's been a while and back pain is just no fun sweetie!!!

  4. I LOVE her to pieces!!!! You are truly a sweet sweet friend!!!!!!! She's quite happy in my home...thank you thank you thank you!!

    PS: sending you good ju-ju for today!!!!

  5. Wow! You are just so talented! This is a real cutie! Love it!

  6. CA-UUUUTE! And I agree, small is good. Those 2-year projects are just so not good for the instant gratification gene.

    And oof, your back AND your toof?! Hey, that rhymes! I hope you are A-OK and could get off the floor to get your toof fixed. {hugs}

  7. She is sooooooooo DARLING!!!

  8. OH MY GOODNESS!! The cuteness. I mean it is flat out adorable. I still like my reaper more of course, but she is a cute cute little ani


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