Monday, May 28, 2012

happy mail, for you and for me! ♥

first a little trip to to determine the winner of my blog candy giveaway... mr. random himself has personally chosen lucky number 11 which means the winner is...

please email me at llaurenb @ hotmail {dot} com so i can get your goodies on the way to you ASAP!

now here are a couple of lovely things which arrived in MY mailbox last week, which i just HAVE TO show off. first up, an early birthday present from my lovely norwegian friend linda brun:

yeah, basically, there's a little bit of every type of art supply i enjoy... YUM!!! but then, all of this paled in comparison when i saw the gorgeous canvas linda made me:

 i ♥LOVE♥ it!!!
(btw, "det gryr av var" means "it was the dawn of" which makes it even more awesome, no?!)

coincidentally, on the very same day, my lovely friend missus trash sent me a super-cool "just because" present, in the shape of an adorable felt bird, which of course i ADORE:

i'm showing it off standing next to the fabulous custom clutch she made me several months ago, (with the coolest robot in the world embroidered on it!!!) only because although i *KNOW* i wrote a post about it at the time... somehow... i cannot find the post... so i'm showing it again! (proof that i love and USE it constantly for carrying amigurumis-in-progress, there are my extra stitch markers, dangling from the zip!) :)

finally, a giant vote of thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment with regard to my dental woes, those words of encouragement were MUCH APPRECIATED! it turns out i will, be getting an "implant"... (sadly--or perhaps luckily?-- i mean a tooth, and not the first step in a pamela anderson makeover!) ... a process which will require 3-4 rather nasty appointments over the next six months and cost more than a trip to disneyworld. but... the periodontist and everyone in his office were lovely and VERY kind; and i'm told the lines will be much shorter than the ones for space mountain! not sure if i can get the staff to dress up as my favorite princesses, although at these prices i really think they ought to be a liiiiiiiiiiiiittle more flexible on that point. the next big day is june 12th, at which time i'll probably be hitting you up for some more good vibes!

in the meantime, to miss linda, missus trash, and all the rest of you i say,

thank you, thank you, thank you, darlings!!!


  1. What lovely gifts Miss Lauren ... so happy for you ... And just the mention of the "D" word sets me into a panic ... you brave girlie ... I will be praying for you
    BTW I LOOOOOVE the little princess plum blossom!!

  2. You are so very welcome my lovely. I am glad you like her and I too love that little pouchifer. If I could only find that lovely linen again I would be a very happy infrequent sewist. Do you know that I have never been able to do free-motion sewing since. *sigh* I peaked too soon.

  3. No way! That's me!!!!! Woo hoo!
    And wow, what lovely happy mail you've been finding in your box! Fabulous! I am off to email you now!
    Shanna :)

  4. I feel for you and the dental woes...will be thinking of you the whole time...but you will be fine, honest...those are some cool gifts you received..that canvas is awesome!

  5. The pleasure is all mine sweet girl!! <3 <3 <3 I will think of you and you D appointments. Hugs and kisses
    Love the sweet little bird. To cute!

  6. You are as lucky as I am, birthday girl! : )
    Yikes on the dental appointment : ( Big hug!!!!!

  7. I'm so in love with that felt little dollie and the clutch. Wow... just wow.. I am going to have to go check her out. Does she have an Etsy? Cause she totally should.

    As for the dental stuff, I'm so sorry. I know how bad it is. Lewis just had the same thing done to one of his teeth last year. It took forever. FOREVER. He went with out a tooth for a far amount of time because he said screw the temporary. What a pain. And especially to the wallet. It was so costly. SO costly. And we had dental insurance at the time. Between him and the husky Dakota teeth, I dare not say what kinda of dream vacation we coulda took instead. :(


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