Sunday, May 6, 2012

a few "currents" from this neck of the woods

lovely husband jeff's 2003 mazda tribute-- which STUNNED 2 different dealers with its (apparently) record breaking 249,653 mile odometer reading-- with this lovely new kia sorento:

welcome to our driveway, we hope you'll be very happy here!

lauren: three bags full by leonie swann; an amusing and totally clever murder mystery in which the victim was an irish shepherd, and--i swear i'm not makin' this up-- the detectives are his *SHEEP*!

jeff: the 2012 kia sorento owner's manual. obviously. :)

(or will be tomorrow night) the long-awaited second series of sherlock! (woohoo!)

what i've dreaded hearing for the last few weeks, whilst the tribute was making an OMINOUS NOISE

at the lolcats! nothing new there, but i continue to marvel and appreciate that there are new ones every day, collected lovingly in their own website for us to enjoy. god bless t'interwebz!!!

some pretty awesome blog candy from miss leslie, who's been totally ROCKIN' the washi tape, btw; ta v much and happy blogiversary, missus!!! :)

some unassailably fab vintage bits and bobs in the latest round of book, rummage and garage sales.

highlights from the acquisitions dept: plastic numeral tiles, german vocab cards, gorgeous "large print" sheet music, funky binder, various card games, display "house" made of wooden rulers, vintage maps... sigh... i ♥ spring!

listening to
lauren: a hat full of sky, written by terry pratchett, read by stephen briggs; the further adventures of 11-year-old trainee witch tiffany aching and the nac mac feegle, eponymous heroes of the wee free men.

jeff: the soul-stirring, inspirational sounds of a 4-cylinder, 191 horsepower, 2.4 liter gasoline direct injection engine. (to each his own, honey; to each his own!) 

so what are ♥you♥ 
right now, darlings??!


  1. Loving that you love Terry Pratchett and also that you are at the start of the second series. You are going to love it. So very very much. *sigh*

  2. Oooh sounds good. I've been listening to some Greatful Dead, not been reading much and I just saw My Week with Marilyn on the plane.

  3. Lauren, the sketch I used on my SOS card can be found here:

  4. Sweet ride! Congrats, LHJ on the record-breaking mileage of your previous car :)

  5. Such a FUN and FABULOUS post! OVER 249,000 miles!!! WOW!

  6. LHJ did NOT read the manual ... he's a GUY! Oh, wait, it's the new RIDE'S manual. nevermind

  7. Looks like all fun going on the other side, especially the thrift-shopping part, when are you coming back to Vegas to do that with me again?

  8. Congrats on the awesome car. Woohoo!!!! Please tell me how you like it. We'll be in the market for another shortly.


  9. I might have to copy your blog post and do this in the next couple days! Congrats on the new car. Its so shiny!!! Thats funny about the book you are reading. :) Great lolz cats too.


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