Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ancient squares of coordinating paper

(that i still quite love, actually!)

i'm pretty sure that the VERY FIRST set of official "designer paper" i ever purchased-- and it has to be at least 7 or 8 years ago, when i was first posting cards to a (now sadly defunct) online gallery called lifetime moments*--was sei's "twitterpated". i saw a whole series of design team projects featuring the set, and as the fairly new aunt of miss riley elizabeth--born on VALENTINE'S DAY--i just had to have it. i cannot imagine how (and why!) i still have some left... (mostly i think i forgot about 'em!) ...but i do, and they came in very handy indeed when i wanted to make this card last night for lovely husband jeff's sister and her lovely husband:

(patterned paper: sei (yep, ALL of it, weirdly enough for me, i used just the one collection!); ink: colorbox; gem flourish: prima (cut to fit); font: mom's typewriter (printed on an inkjet clear label); label: dymo; pen: copic multiliner; adhesives: tombow monorunner, 3m foam tape)

i used another fabulous (but expired) sketch from elle's studio but i'm going to show you anyway, because i have a feeling that i'm going to use this one a few more times; for one thing, it is the PERFECT sketch for combining a bunch of patterns and/or using up scraps--like, say, if you wanted to make something for the current SOS challenge, lol?! :)

it's funny, because i think if anyone had mentioned on monday that they desperately needed** some SEI papers, i'd've immediately offered mine without a qualm. and now, suddenly, i'm thinking those babies look pretty cool again. weird, no?! ...but in a kinda good way... ♥

*i met my lovely blogging friend kathlene there; hey kathy--remember LM??! ♥
**you know, in one of those papercrafting emergencies which are so common these days! :)


  1. I love this. Wonderful card, fantastic details (especially the dymo strip and bling).

  2. Super cute and fun! I also have some of that twitterpated line among my scraps and you have inspired me to bring it out and use it!

  3. Totally might have some of that paper left too. I always liked that line. Love how you used that sketch for this card. Brilliant to say the least. But you always are.

  4. i know i have some of this paper left... and your cute card is a lovely reminder. i'll have to dig it out and make some 'versary cards

  5. I love make it look like fresh & new patterned paper! LOVE all the mixy matchiness!

  6. Amazing card! Oh my gosh those are old papers. I can't even remember what papers I bought first that were designer papers. hmm probably Basic Grey. Love the card. Just posted a blog post about you and my lovely album.

  7. Lovely Lauren card ... I too have papers I hoarded instead of using ... who doesn't? But sometime they are waiting for just the right moment ... such as this ... Perfect!

  8. A truly FABBY use of scraps. And yeah, I'm fondling all my scraps now, simply unable to part with them, even though some of them are YEARS old. Sigh.


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