Friday, December 23, 2011

twas the night BEFORE...

...the night before christmas, and all through my house, there is serious wrapping and decorating of presents taking place on my part, and serious cooking of holiday foodstuffs on LHJ's*!

most of my coolest-looking holiday packages are created for the nieces and nephews, and this year is no exception, i'm inordinately--if not actually OBNOXIOUSLY--pleased with the hybrid "panels" i've made & printed to adorn their giftbags, which contain treasures from hawaii and also, in young matthew's case, some dinosaur-related items, since that is his big interest at the moment.  just cannot resist showing you a little preview of those, and then later i'll snap a pic of the completed bags:

(digital supplies:  "stomp" (dinosaur) and "hula girl" stickers by mindy terasawa, designer digitals (drop-shadows added by me); background paper from the "oh happy day" kit, vera lim designs; text layers, which read "DINO-mite christmas" and "happy HULA-days" added by me using westate and pickwick fonts, respectively)

if you happen to need a hawaiian or dinosaur themed graphic (which i'm sure EVERYONE WILL, lol!!!!) do feel free to grab these!  if you happen to need a quick-to-make gift card holder, i recommend this pdf pattern/instructions by kristina werner that i found over at two peas.  if you happen to need a cat-themed holiday chuckle, check out this theme at i can has cheezburger!  and now i'd better get back to work!  ciao, darlings! ♥

*to those of you who think i never help out in the kitchen, i say, "au contraire!!!"  i am always available in my capacity as chief *TASTER* and take my duties very seriously; sometimes it takes two or three bites to be really SURE about a particularly delicious dish... you've gotta be willing to put in the time, darlings!  :) :) :)


  1. *snicker* I'm glad the chief taster could take some time out of her strenuous tasting duties to post on her blog. ;-)

    Very cool, I'm sure your nieces and nephews will love their packages.

  2. Those panels are gorgeous as always Missus.

    Princess C-W came in from the postbox today waving an envelope saying " I know who this one is from!!" Thank you loveliness it is (as always) stunning,

  3. now how fun are these??!!!! Merry Merry to you and LHJ!!

  4. FUN!!!

    merry christmas to you and your man :)

  5. Seriously, you are the best aunt EVER! Both gift bags are perfect, fun, and wonderful.


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