Saturday, December 10, 2011

"love you" card

today's pixie project uses the fabulous CHRISTMAS IN PARIS kit, but is actually a birthday card. it looks a bit like this:

ok, technically, it looks *EXACTLY* like that; but there are more photos and a bit about the process, not to mention some of the cool items in the kit, over at the PDP blog!

under the heading of "cool & serendipitous" i offer you the fact that miss kirsty just happened to schedule this post for the very day that we are travelling to see our very sweet eldest niece, jessica whose birthday card this is! awesome, no? for once i'm not dreading the long car trip, as it offers an opportunity to work on my latest yarn-based project. by the time you read this, i hope to be knitting at 65 miles per hour!!! ciao, darlings! ♥♥♥


  1. Stunning is right! Such a romantic card, I am sure your niece will love it!

  2. That is PRETTY spelled with a capital P!!!

  3. Lauren, you crack me up... when I had my business we did 50 shows and seminars a year... that's nearly every weekend. I use to crochet pearls and make necklaces with them while traveling... very relaxing.
    Your card's a winner and is sure to be a hit with your niece. Enjoy the day!

  4. oh my...this could not be any girlier...I love it!


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