Sunday, December 25, 2011

not a creature was stirring...

...which is not *ALWAYS* a good thing.  
case in point:

may i take this opportunity to wish a very merry christmas to all of you darlings who are celebrating, or, alternately, a most pleasant sunday!

either way, i hope at no point during the day will you see something like this:

by definition, you're NOT SUPPOSED to see something like this...  until it's too late, that is...

one of the things you'll notice about the following tree:  
there is no tinsel, and the ornaments are of the sturdy, non-glass variety.  conclusion:  these cats have trained their humans extremely well!!!   

on the other hand, i think we've probably all experienced a holiday moment that felt (at least metaphorically) a bit like this; and i hope this year those will be few, and short-lived, for us all!  

if, however, you prefer to do your cringing vicariously, you could check out fruit cakes whose tagline is "the worst holiday cards and photos ever"... and they really, REALLY mean it.  (yikes!)  probably a bad idea after a large meal.  maybe even after a small meal.  maybe ever.  and yet, if you'd like your own family to instantly look gorgeous and NORMAL...  :) :) :)  

on the other hand, 22 cats in christmas trees is much less disturbing, unless one of them is your cat... or your tree!

hope your day is a merry one, darlings!


  1. Merry Christmas, Lauren! Thanks for the après gift opening chuckle. :)

  2. Pull Pleeze. haha these are hilarious.

  3. ps. according to Emily F's blog she might be doing an art journal project this year. I am so conflicted now. I would totally want to do hers even more than my own if she is doing one. lol

  4. the ninja one...merry christmas Lauren...I'm patiently waiting for my kidlets to WAKE up....sheesh, it's almost 7!

  5. Oh Lauren, this post is too funny! Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments! Have an awesome Christmas and New Year!


  6. LOL that is why we do not put up a tree!! Q would tear it down in no time!

    hope you and you family are having a wonderful christmas :)

  7. Hello loveliness, those are indeed grin-inducing picatures. Wishing you a fabulous day of relaxed pleasantness and just a little smackerel of something yummy.

  8. I am really laughing here ... so funny ... I was worried about my adopted cat attacking my tree ... my other cats always did ... but this cat hasn't touched a thing!
    Hope you had a wonderful day!

  9. Thanks so much for the chuckle Lauren! Hope you had the merriest of Christmases!


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