Saturday, December 17, 2011


if you've ever been with me in florida, california, or anywhere warm and tropical, you'll know that i have a complete mania for palm trees and have to be physically stopped from snapping a zillion photos of every single one i encounter. most recently, in hawaii, i became obsessed with the shadows that palm fronds cast on various surfaces, especially concrete. which resulted in a lot of photos like this, which i love:

i've used photoshop to crop, and bump up/tone down some levels; but other than that it's not been altered.

here's one that has been altered:

i used a few different artistic filters, played with saturation, tint, hue and... well, i pretty much tried out every slider, in every direction!

here's one with me in it:

not to mention even MORE effects, some light and color layers, etc; i went a little crazy, but i like it!

eventually i started using stuff like the "rubber stamp" and "cut out" filters; which cross the line from photo editing to photo altering... in a good way:

i threw some anna aspnes asian script brushes on top of this one, and then played around with styles on the brush layer: bevelling, drop shadow, etc... if you could pile it on and still see the characters, i did it!

then, somehow, i bumped one of the sliders--i really REALLY wish i knew which one!!!--and got this:


so what am i gonna do with these? ok, honestly, i have noooooooooooo clue. but i had fun making them, i learned some stuff, and eventually i'll think of SOMETHING. in the meantime, if you've got a great idea, feel free to grab any one of the above and have a good ol' PLAY!!! :)


  1. I Love shadow images too and have taken lots of photos around my garden. I love what you have doen and might just play too one day!

  2. Ooh that is cool. I love making altered images like that. SEE you should move down to Florida!! Then you could live near me and plant palm trees in your own yard! Most of my neighbors do have palm trees. lol. Now I think I should plant one. hehehe to intice you down here. Cause I've never been around you in FL. :( One day!!

  3. You are SERIOUSLY having WAY too much fun with these. I suspect we'll see these on some of your fabby creations very soon! :)

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