Wednesday, December 28, 2011

pink parisienne pixie card

ETA wednesday morning:  sorry folks, i goofed!  this card will actually be featured on the pixie blog tomorrow, not today!!!  on the plus side, it gives you an *EXTRA* day to check out miss kirsty's gorgeous christmas photograph album that's over there today... and you've still got plenty of time to enter this month's pixie challenge, which is to make a project that incorporates or interprets the word "NEW" in any way you'd like.  oh and did i mention that one of the NEW things the pixie blog will be adding next year is a special design team just for the awesome monthly challenges?  yep, we are looking for a few talented papercrafters, and an entry into the "NEW" challenge is your application!  read all about it HERE and be sure to link up those projects by january 5th!

it just so happens that by coincidence, my very dear pixie-in-chief kirsty vittetoe saved my favorite card* i made from the december kit, CHRISTMAS IN PARIS, for last. it's this one, and i think you  can probably GUESS how i came up with the catchy name** of "pink parisienne pixie card" can't you?!   

it uses a couple of papers from the kit, plus three of the embellishments AND a bit of the packaging, too!!!  full details on the pixie blog, not to mention the stellar work of my fellow pixies miss kirsty, sandy taloumis, and our very special guest this month the awesome lynn millers!  g'wan over and say hi, it's worth the trip, i promise!

*possibly it's a tie with the chocolat-et-bleu paris collage card, which i also loved; as i believe i so modestly mentioned at the time!!!  :)

**titles are the HARDEST PART of blogging.  FACT!

ps: i kind of hated how blogger abruptly MADE US change over to their "new interface" last week, but i have to confess that doing so fixed a couple of "issues" i'd been having for MONTHS... such as, i can now once again use the text-enhancing tools that allow me to do my footnotes in this tiny print or make it a different color, which is lovely!  :) :) 


  1. This is gorgeous Miss L ... Hope you had a wonderful Christmas

  2. how can you go wrong with PINK? and missy...I loved my happy are soooo fantabulous!!!

  3. This is so pretty! I love the tilted layers. And pink is always a great color choice!

  4. Aww..... you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE this right!!!!!
    Thanks for the shout out and sorry for that tooth, I'll get to your email soon! Hugs......

  5. hey Elle B!

    what a gorgeous card!

    I saw this today and it made me think of you...Neil Gaiman's Tumbler, aside from that, its pretty darn cool!

    Happy New Year! : .)

  6. oops the early ninja post. Yep done that before. Gorgeous parisy pinkness. Love it. Hope you are having a good New Year's Eve!


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