Friday, December 16, 2011

i'm pretty sure normal people...

...just do not obsess over gift-wrapping as much as i do. not that *I* would have any idea what normal people do, obviously, lol! what can i say, i ♥LOVE♥ decorating presents, and i especially love using non-traditional supplies to do so. here are a few of my recent (birthday) faves (i've not started xmas wrapping yet!):

block printed paper, (which may have come from kate's paperie, many moons ago) the flowers from a deconstructed oriental trading company lei, and may arts leaf ribbon.

rose-embossed mulberry paper, (from pearl paint, i THINK!) tied with burgundy tulle and a vintage silk carnation.

and finally, my favorite: very thick handmade text paper which my (non blogging) friend deborah bought for me in thailand, with an accent of black & gold decorative paper in lieu of ribbon, topped with copper beading wire.

and that's a wrap! :)
happy friday, darlings!


  1. Holy cow are these ever beautiful. Please post your Christmas ones... would LOVE to see those!!!

  2. WOW!!! OK i am sending you all my gifts to wrap from now on! lol

  3. Am reliably informed that normal is vastly over-rated.

  4. I love your decorated presents...that is what makes them so difficult to open! You rock the presentation and delivery, Lauren :)

  5. Gorgeous work...I think you're wrapping is magnificent and truly appreciate it when you send me goodies:)

  6. Okay yes.. Normal people probably do not think about this enough. I have been trying more to think about it, because presentation is key!! Your packaging always brings a smile to my face. I totally forgot to photograph your recent packaging on my bday present. I tried harder on your xmas pressies.

  7. I looooove all of these!!! ALL. OF. THEM.

  8. oh my goodness Lauren. i wish everyone did this. so so so pretty!!!


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