Monday, December 12, 2011

this one doesn't even need a caption!

but do feel free to write one anyway, if you'd like to!

meanwhile, if you need me, i'll be here at my computer, drinking coffee and smiling... not necessarily in that order!

happy monday, darlings!


  1. LOL! Cute!
    Thanks for the much needed pickmeup. :)

  2. ... thanks for the mess on my desk when I sprayed coffee out of my mouth when I saw this pic! So funny!
    Thanks for the Jingle Belles fun- I have been so busy and feel some releif that my handmade cards are done! Have a wonderful day! :)

  3. OMG - big belly laughs or what! Jo x

  4. LOL, i just can't stop LOL, so darn cute!!!

  5. "I am no fox/bear what the heck! Bow ties psheesh!" Lol. I love little pommies. :)


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