Thursday, December 8, 2011

"a date which will live in infamy"..., of course, the famous phrase franklin delano roosevelt used to describe december 7th, 1941; the day of the japanese attack on hawaii which flung the united states into WWII. but something i didn't know before we visited the fascinating complex of museums and memorials at pearl harbor, is that the original typescript of his speech read, "a date which will live in world history" and that roosevelt himself crossed out the last two words and wrote "infamy" over top in pencil, along with several other corrections and substitutions he made to the speech shortly before delivering it to the american people via radio, seventy years ago today.

(lovely husband jeff, taking a picture... though not *THIS* picture, lol!)

this is one of the many reasons why i so passionately ♥LOVE♥ museums! because although visiting pearl harbor was much higher on jeff's hawaii wish list than on mine, something i've discovered over the years is that i often learn more at places that were someone else's "pick"; and i absolutely always learn something! the times in which it's an amazing little fact such as this always feel like "touchdown" moments to me!

(flags in front of the battleship missouri)

speaking of unexpected opportunities to learn something valuable, my art journaling heroine dina wakley wrote an awesome post about making "ugly" art yesterday. if i were capable of causing this page redirect automatically to her blog, i'd be doing it right now. as it is, i shall settle for urging you, quite strongly, to click this link. consider yourself urged. (quite strongly!!!) you can thank me later! ;)

here's a photo completely unrelated to either of the above items, except it's from our recent vacation and was a serendipitous experience of great joy to me:

(delicious--and surprisingly addictive--fresh hawaiian papaya)

the papayas in hawaii were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! they're the thing from the trip i really reallllllly PINE FOR--apart from the twin delights of consistently warm, gorgeous weather and being on vacation with my true love, obviously! but the papaya, which i enjoyed every single morning with my yogurt, was seriously one of the highlights of the trip. and sadly, no, the ones in my new jersey supermarket are just not the same. sigh.

other than suffering from a serious papaya jones, life in these parts is very good (& quite busy!) for which i am extremely grateful! hope you are having a fabulous week!!! ♥


  1. Lovely pictures Miss Lauren ... and yes that post re Ugly ... was well worth reading ... kinda makes me feel about my life sometimes ... but hey I can turn the page and learn from it ....

  2. Visiting the USS Arizona was one of the spookiest things I've ever done. The slow oil leak? And that all those men are buried at sea right beneath you?

    On a lighter note, did LHJ know you posted a pic of the back of his noggin for the world to see? :D

  3. I went there to Pearl Harbor with my parents when I was younger. My grandfather's brother died on the Arizona. His name was up on the big wall. Robert Burden. I want to go there again. So neat you went. :)


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