Saturday, December 24, 2011

singing joyfully... on christmas eve!

today's project on the pixie blog is a lovely card i made using this month's CHRISTMAS IN PARIS kit, it looks like this:

ok, so it looks like that ON THE OUTSIDE, but i happen to know there's a surprise ON THE INSIDE, which you might like to hop over to the pixie blog to see!!!  (how's that for a little dickensian holiday suspense, eh??!)  plus it will give you a chance to take a little break from your last-minute preparations and see just how amazingly my fellow pixies have been ROCKIN' this kit all month!  enjoy! ♥


  1. This is a beauty!!! Okay, I am hopping over to the Pixie blog to see more. You always know what to do with Victoria Gardens; I have a difficult time with that collection, though it is so pretty!

    Merry Christmas, L :)

  2. So pretty! I love it. Christmas card gorgeousness and a surprise can't beat that. I sent ya an email this morning. :)

  3. This is gorgeous, lauren! Merry Christmas!! :)


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