Friday, December 31, 2010

heart the art: week 52!!!!!!!!!!!!

can you believe it's the very last HEART the ART prompt...and i am posting it on the very last day of 2010?! talk about your synergistic symmetry, eh?! :)

ok, so for week 52 miss gina gave us--appropriately enough-- NEXT YEAR! so i had myself a little free-form think about some stuff i'd like to happen...or that i want to work on...and kind of just lumped all my ideas together and then embellished the heck outta them. 'cause hey: it's what i do!!! ♥

and here is my super-full, over-stuffed, biggest book-ring-you've-ever-seen HEART the ART journal, in its completed stage, holding all 52 weeks of art journaling inspiration from 2010:

in summing up this project i have to give one last super-shout-out to the founder, devisor, inspiration and cheerleader of this project: the very lovely and very talented gina cunningham!

she put the "heart" in HEART the ART! come to think of it, she put the "art" in there too! if you're ever looking for a muse/teacher/friend with whom to spend an entire year thinking, talking, and MAKING art, i seriously do not think you could better than my girl down there in florida!!! now i am excited about the unveiling of her new "play along" project for 2011: USE PRACTICE CREATE

that she'll be hosting at the tyggereye art blog. this time, she's going to devote each month of the year to a different medium, starting in january with acrylic paints and ending up in december with watercolor crayons and pencils. i hope you'll join in, too--i GUARANTEE you will learn a lot and you will totally HAVE FUN! (which is the entire point, am i right??!)

thanks, g!


ps: the lovely miss stephanie and myself are also starting a bit of a year-long endeavor tomorrow, it's called JINGLE BELLES and at the moment the only thing that's missing is *YOU*! so come on over and check it out!!!


  1. oh i love your page, lauren! your heart the art journal is such a treasure to have! it looks so amazing. thanks for sharing with us!
    oo, going to go check out your new endeavor now.
    hope you and yours have a happy happy new year :)!
    big *hugs* steph :)

  2. Amazingly fantastic journal!! I just joined your bloggie thingy too ... bring it on ...
    Happy New Year!!!

  3. E-rrr! meant the NEW bloggie thingy by the way ...

  4. Hey Doll,
    "Happy New Year!"
    Have A Fabulous 2011!

  5. wow...very coolio that you made it through the whole should be so very proud of yourself....looking forward to Gina's new venture and you/Stef's too!!!

  6. Awesome girlie!! All done. Thats the one thing I'm bummed about with mine is that I've got two moleskines for the year instead of one solid finished book, ya know? I guess it doesn't matter, but I kinda would have liked it to be one book like yours came out to be. It is amazing btw. I LOVE the last page. All the layering and the frame. Too cool. Have a great New year!!! Tomorrow we start!! Get ready, get set, get your creative on!

  7. i enjoyed seeing both of your prompts. such a fun and inspirational idea! thanks for sharing!

  8. That book is going to be fantastic to look at - even years from now! I'm a teeny tiny bit jealous, but I know I don't have the ganas (or the TIME) to do a weekly challenge! YOU ROCK!
    Oh, and thanks for the UPC link... one thing a month? Now *that* I can do!

  9. I have SOOOO loved seeing all of your Heart the ART pages. And this one is gorgeous too. Congrats on another year accomplished. I am impressed.


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