Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year!

i am so excited to tell you that the very first project made with the january pixie dust paperie kit MY FUNKY VALENTINE is up on the pixie blog today, and it just happens to be this fun card i made:

on it you can see some of my favorite things from the kit: the dear lizzy rose brads, a selection of my mind's eye, american crafts, and october afternoon papers, cool stickers, chipboard letters, vintage sheet music, metal keys... there's loads more, of course, and you can see a bit of it here in the preview post, and then there'll be a full listing with lots of photos in the shoppe when the kit goes on sale january 5th!

the other super-exciting thing that's happening today is that our very first prompt has gone up on the JINGLE BELLES blog!!! if you haven't dropped in over there yet, i hope you'll check it out: stef and i are rounding up as many friends as possible and we're all planning to make one christmas card every week from now through november! then we're takin' december off and doing...ummmmmmm...whatever people do in december who're not consumed by holiday-card-induced stressed and knee-deep in red & green patterned paper. if this sounds like YOUR december...why not join us this year and together we'll all find out exactly WHAT "civilians" do during that month??!?!

ok, ok, obviously i cannot GUARANTEE that the rewards of such a virutous plan will involve daniel craig in any way...but if we're stuck in the house makin' cards the whole month we'll never find out, will we??! (it will be FUN, though, i promise! and there's a giveaway, too!!!) :) :) :)


  1. beautiful card! love all the details and that banner is so cute! that sounds like fun. off to check out jingle bells! =) Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. what did you say? I've been staring at your boyfriend:) good lord..he's like perfect...anywho's....I adore your valentine...soooo fabbie-licious...I already read the challenge for Jingle Belles and the wheels are a turning...

    happy new year Lauren!

  3. that's oonnnee gorgeous card, lauren! the colors are so beautiful and i looove the papers and the banner, and the images..everything! ahhh, what a beauty. thanks for sharing and happy new year!!! *hugs* steph :)

  4. Lauren - fabulous job on putting this kit together! Love this card - that banner in particular!

  5. Happy new year!
    I love your card.


  6. Daniel Craig...mmmmmm...oh, sorry, what were you saying? Something about Daniel Craig in a teeny,, yeah, cards.

  7. I'm not sure how you made all those punched edges look so good! Something you will *have* to teach me! :)
    Love the colors and everything - your pick, huh? Excellent job!

  8. I know there are words in this post but I temporarily lost the ability to read English - I think I've been Craig'ed. Oh my goodness, can I win HIM? I can explain it to my husband and somehow make him understand. LOL


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