Saturday, December 11, 2010

when i remember it's gone...i sort of miss my memory!

every once in a while, i'm proud to say that i actually think to take step-by-step photos of an interesting innovation while i'm making the card which features it! in this case, the innovation was to reinforce a punched-n-stiched banner with transparency scraps, and the card was the ST/SCD snowman one from last week.

as it turns out, the thing i FORGOT was to post the photos at the time! but having found them whilst looking for something else (which currently remains elusive) i thought i'd put them up now, with my embarrassed apologies for the total randomness of such a move! :)

cut your transparency scrap
to fit the area you'd like to place your banner
(note: i outlined the transparency so it'd show in photos; yours WILL NOT have big honkin' green lines on!!!)

place...but don't ADHERE... the transparency
and arrange your punched shapes pleasingly

attach your punched shapes
with a bare minimum of invisible don't need much!
(i usually tack with a TEENY dot of my tombow mono runner)

sew (carefully)
across the line of punched shapes

admire the results
(this step is optional...i just thought a photo of the back would be nice at this juncture!)

trim away the excess transparency
so that it looks like your punched snowflakes are just sewn together and floating along...but really... they're now tough enough to be easily and sturdily attached ANYWHERE you'd like to use them!

and once again here's the card from last week on which this banner was used! i put tiny dots of foam tape behind the snowflake centers, and sticky-backed pearls on top!

happy banner making, darlings!



  1. love it, and LOVE your title .... I can relate to that!
    Thanks for the inspiration and smile.

  2. "arrange them pleasingly" *snort* LMBO! Oh, sorry.

    How stinking clever to reinforce your snowflakes with the acetate! You are SO SMART!

    (are those black nails? am i random enough for you today?)

  3. WONDERFUL! I will have to try this!

  4. well, aren't you just the clever one!!! I love this! thanks for the tip!!! no one does it like you, Elle Bee, Paper Maven!!!

    happy Saturday!!! :.)

    (p.s. love the card! you rock!)

  5. super cool, lauren! i need to learn how to sew fast, hehe. thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!! *hugs* steph :)

  6. I have to admit that I love your nails:) I love that card and thanks for the wonderful tut!

  7. wonderful idea to make the snowflake banner! thanks for the tutorial. just adore this delightful card!

  8. Brilliant!!! And I had to say it again, this card is just SO cheery and beautiful! Love it!
    Got your christmas card in the mail, THANKS!

  9. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing it!

  10. I'd like to believe that I could do this.... Unfortunately, the booger sewing machine seems to have difficulty sewing anything *at all*. I'm going to have to find time to figure out why the thread keeps snapping. *sigh*
    In the meantime, I will just come and moon over your garland! Cause, really? A snowflake garland? AWESOME!

  11. fabulous; thanks for the tip! ( I love that banner :) !!!)

  12. Thankyou Lauren for a great tutorial and I have to agree with Amy - LOVE those nails of yours :-)))
    And the card is lots of fun.
    You rock girl!


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