Thursday, December 23, 2010

more holiday cards

here's another "best of" group i like to call, "the ones with words on"! having discovered a bit of a cache of bling, and some older chipboard words that had accumulated, i decided to use them up! again, i used one basic layout, but varied the papers and trimmings on each card, so they'd be easy and quick-- but still a bit creative and fun to make!

a couple of quick money-saving tips i learned this year: 1. buy bling words off season...they're $2.50 at full price, and under $1 in the clearance section at michaels (& there are ALWAYS some in the clearance section!); 2. walk right past the expensive stacks of tiny poinsettias for papercrafting and grab a couple of "stems" from the floral dept; i've used both kinds interchangably...can you tell which are the cheapies?? (no, nor could i, even when the cards were in my hands!) :)

by the way, may i extend all of the greetings on the cards to everyone reading, whether or not you are celebrating christmas on saturday? i wish you joy, love, peace and a disproportionally large serving of merriment, darlings!!


  1. Merriment abounds in your over the top fun cards!!!!! I think of you often...especially when I glance at my cute pink tree:)

  2. Theses are fantastic ... I particularly like the "Peace" one ...

  3. these cards are so beautiful! my favorite is the "fa la la la la" one :) btw - i really like the color choices!

  4. WAIT A MINUTE! The card on the left in the last photo is IN MY HOUSE!!!

    Thank you dear friend for the BEAUTIFUL work of art :) They are all gorgeous.

    Wishing you a blessed Christmas and many crafty wishes for the new year!

    ♥♥♥ Tanis

  5. my goodness, miss lauren! i heart all your cards! they are so super fabulous!! so cheerful and i love the flowers, bling, lettering, trim,...wowee!! hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas! *hugs* steph :)

  6. Fabulous, dahlin'. You are making me want to send Christmas cards. And Christmas was yesterday. teeheehee


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