Tuesday, December 14, 2010

3-D tree tutorial

today on the pixie dust paperie blog, i am showing off a christmas card i made with the gorgeous december pixie dust kit:

meanwhile, here on my own blog, i thought i'd show you step-by-step how i made the fun 3-D tree that's on the card!

gather your supplies...
bazzill chipboard tree (use any diecut or clipart you like...or draw your own!), pencil, patterned paper, scissors, adhesive, ink & (optional) sewing machine*

trace the tree...
onto one piece of paper, then staple or hold two more behind it so that you'll end up with three trees of the same paper (this is my top-tip for hand-cutting: NEVER just cut one layer! it's just as easy to do a few at a time!)

cut out the trees...
and erase any pencil marks. ink the edges of each tree if desired.

score the trees...
down the center; fold & burnish them so you have a nice crisp crease.

adhere the trees together at their backs...
by gluing the right-hand back of tree one to the left-hand back of tree two, and the right-hand back of tree two to the left-hand back of tree three. align the outer (branch-like) edges as closely as possible. note: the left-hand side of tree one and the right-hand side of tree three will not be attached to anything; the backs of these will be how you attach the tree to your project!

(completely optional step!)
stitch carefully around the edges of the tree...
to add texture and interest. i love how this looks, and am happy to hand-crank my machine into the little curves, but it's a purely decorative addition. if you like the look but not the fuss, add faux stitching with a pen!

your gallant 3-D tree!

apply adhesive...
to the flat back of said tree, and attach it to a card or tag. share with friends and bask in the glow of their admiration!

bonus idea:
cut out a fourth tree using the same method, and attach as above so that you have trees on all four sides; add a bit of thread at the top and hang like an ornament!

*i realize not everyone will be blessed with a stalwart friend like kenneth kenmore, my late grandmother's resplendent avocado green sewing machine from the 1970's. some of you may even be cursed with brand-new, state-of-the-art, quirk-free machines that have fancy features and never make a funny burning smell no matter how thick the material you are sewing. i feel your pain. just do your best, darlings! :)


  1. Ooohhhhh......love me a fab tut!!!!! Awesome tree projects!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial; the tree is stunning!

  3. Fantasmagorical again! ... yep... that's a word ... over here it is anyway ...

  4. You are so smart! That tree is awesome! I love me some 3-D action on a card or tag. As for your sewing machine, it's a beaut!

  5. So super cute! I'm definitely going to have to try this! TFS!

  6. I am loving these trees. They are just so cute and creative. You are as always, a wonder.

  7. Great tutorial, I am going to try one soon, I mean next year, LOL, I already bought christmas card from the store, LOL!
    Guess I better start cooking since I have a new apron now! : )

  8. OMGoodness, what a fab 3-d tree! Love that you added blingy ornaments too, yum!!

    (-: Heidi

  9. fabulous tree, lauren!!! i only need to learn how to sew now, tee hee! i love your card and tag. thanks for sharing and have a great day! *hugs* steph :)

  10. fabulous idea! love your 3D tree! thanks for the tutorial!

  11. Thank you very much, queen of great tutorials and ideas. This three really make a great feature on the tag and card. Take care Hun!

  12. Such a smartie person you are!! Love that amazing Christmas tree and you rock on the machine!!

  13. I have that sewing machine! Okay, mine is late 70s, but STILL!

    I love the stitching, but with my mass-production mode, that level of detail ain't happenin'. :)

    Nice job, missus!


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