Sunday, December 26, 2010

heavy metal reindeer...part 2!

you'll notice the edge punches and nestie labels have really come into their own this year, and the sewing machine is ubiquitous! tied in the category of "favorite background" was the kraft/silver version of this hambly snowflake paper and vintage sheet music, but there's plenty of older basic grey solids and prints and a bit of love elsie noel paper that i think i may actually cry when i've used the very last bit! the reindeer was diecut with the tim holtz sizzix die and has been used on flattened soda cans and some thin craft metal; i even had a bit of an experiment with copper alcohol ink. having had lots of interest, i did a little tutorial on using soda cans in the cuttlebug at some point. it's very EASY and totally cool, so you might like to rinse and save a pop can or two!!!

if, like me, you left your holiday cards a bit late and found the process more stressful than creative, might i suggest TAKING STEPS to prevent the same scenario next year??! stef & i are lookin' for a few stalwart companions on a christmassy starts on new year's day...but you can read a bit about it here right now!


  1. Absolutely fantastic ... I'm really gonna try this sometime ... trouble is non of us drink what you call Soda ... (we call pop) ... but maybe I'll just have to beg for cans ... Hope you had a great Christmas

  2. LOVE these. So elegant. And a soda can. I would NEVER have thought that these cards are part recycled.

    Just became a follower of Jingle Belles. How did I miss this before?????

  3. Soda cans?! NO WAY!

    I'm already Google Reader-ing your new bloggie venture, and I hope to not be just a bystander. HAHAHAHAHA! (She, who sends no cards, mutters to herself and *snorts*).

  4. Oh my, what did I missed out here, locking myself up in my craft room for 3 days and 3 nights, making 552 cards? I missed out lots of beauties here! Whew... glad I am done and back in blog land, just need to stop by to wish my pixie a belated Merry Christmas and a fruitful 2011 ahead!
    Thank for all your hard work for the past months! So glad that I found you! : )

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the reindeer cards! They all look so different and they're all so amazing! I like your puns, too - I'm not generally clever like that, so I have to enjoy yours...

    I read about the Jingle Belles over on Stef's blog and will become a follower as soon as I can get my profile linked to the right blog - fabulous idea!

    As we close out the year, can I just mention that your blog is one that I really, really miss visiting when I don't have time to cruise the 'net? Such creativity, and such fun! I rarely comment (time issues), but thought you should know I'm a fan. Belated Merry Christmas, and early Happy New Year!

  6. I cannot believe how many cards you've managed to crank out...I do like the concept of using the same elements but differently....LOVE these and I'm soooooooo looking forward to the start of the Jingle Belles action:)

  7. Might I say that while these are all quite lovely, *none* of them are as COOL as the one I got? :)
    I've heard of cutting your pop cans open for use, but I've never done it. I wonder if they take AI's well? I saw an awesome video with acrylic paint, AI's & metal.... You've fired me up again!

  8. beautiful cards, girl! wow! love them all!


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