Monday, December 27, 2010

last HTA "catch up" post!

and it's a triple-play! but i'm well on my way to my goal of posting ALL of my HEART the ART pages within the 2010 calendar year*--a first for me in a year-long journaling scenario-- i just want to be able to have that sort of bragging rights ONE TIME, ok?! so here are my pages with the exception of week 52...and i am going to tackle that one when i've finished posting this. :)

yes, i'd like to takeover the world in 2011...but first i think i will make further strides on my goals from the last couple of years, the big three being procrastination, weight and clutter!

i live in new jersey. i am used to the jokes. heck, sometimes i'm the one telling the jokes!

but it's a lovely place, really, and it's been pretty good to us. as you can read on the pull-out journaling card:

week 50: COURAGE
when i am stumped on a theme, i often look for a quote, either online or in barlett's or the oxford dictionary of quotations. sometimes the results are enough just to get me started; sometimes i actually build my whole page around what i've found. this was one of the latter times:

in case you can't quite read my funky hand stamping it says,

"courage does not always roar. sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day that says, 'i will try again tomorrow'." -mary anne radmacher

(i ♥LOVE♥ that!!!)

speaking of tomorrow, i'll be back then with the year's penultimate pixie dust project and then i hope to have HTA week 52 ready to show you on thursday!

*this is the third year i've done a year-long weekly prompt, and i highly recommend the concept to anyone who has even a passing interest in art journaling! in 2008 i loved elise blaha's PAPER ADVENTURE...which i finished in february of 2009; last year i had a blast with emily falconbridge's 52Q...that i wrapped up in january of this year; i feel quite strongly that it's not important WHEN you finish...or even *IF* you do...the fun and inspiration and creativity of trying one of these things is just SO valuable!!! remember there is no statute of limitations on papercrafting, so if there's something where you think, "oh i wish i'd've finished that...go on and DO IT!" trust me, you'll forget about the time frame when you are holding that cool project you LOVE!!!


  1. love your journal pages....they couldn't be more opposite of each other...LOVE that you're that way:)

    love love love that quote...

    happy monday!

  2. Thank you Lauren for sharing your art journal throughout the whole year. I have loved following your journey and you inspire me to on day do something similar. I also love all you raindeer x-mas card. Looking forward to join the x-mas card journey next year. Hugs and kisses and happy new year!!!!!!


  3. These are amazing!! I love them especially the courage one. That one is awesome. New Jersey.. well I have to admit it is one of the states I've told Lewis I'll never live in...but the fact that you live there does sweeten the pot exponentially. Ya never know, one day if we can ever get out of being upside down in our house. New Jersey is the only state that gave me a ticket on year at Christmas on 95 for a dirty license plate. yeah.. lol.

    But its better than Connecticut that charged Lewis 12 years later, 200 dollars for never returning his license plate when he moved out of the state. ??? Did you know they do that?? Who returns license plates?? When we moved to Texas we couldn't get TX licenses till we paid the money. Oy!

    Still you know where. Wishing I was home to open my present from you I'm dying!! Did you get my email? I was having trouble with this connection. Hope so.

  4. ALL of your pages are wonderfully creative. And scream of Lauren. I love it. They are all so different. Love that too.

    Each one of these struck a chord with me. I have the same obstacles to conquer. (Probably with a slightly different twist.) I used to live in East Brunswick. (And went to Rutgers for a semester.) Got my drivers license there. No tickets though. I really LOVED living there. Too much snow though.

    MY favorite of your pages is the Courage quote. It's easy to forget that courage is sometimes silent.

  5. Dh recently loaded a memory stick with songs for the boy. Did I mention that *somehow* the theme song to Pink & the Brain go on there??? It's like they're FOLLOWING ME AROUND! Ahhhhh! ;D

  6. Oh, btw, while I love the courage quote (which *is* too cool) it always makes me think of Madness from Despair... What? You've never spent oodles of time at Despair?! Time to correct THAT! :)

  7. proud to be from NJ - and i loved the 'WHAT EXIT"! :-) although i have to admit i'm thrilled i wasnt there yesterday - we escaped the snow here in VA but i know you guys didnt... and PINKY AND THE BRAIN!!!!!! NARF! huge animaniacs fan - me and the kids used to watch faithfully.
    i have to say i'm amazed how you've kept this going for the past 3 yrs. i dont know how you do it sweetie

  8. love the pull out from the my state one so fun! it's been so fun seeing you and Gina's prompts! thanks for sharing!


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