Wednesday, December 22, 2010

princess for a day!

we have a DOUBLE HELPING of princessy-ness over at the pixie dust paperie blog today! a fabulous layout of kirsty's and this card of mine, which both use the most beautiful piece of my mind's eye glittery patterned paper you've ever seen!

why not check it out? while you're there, you can read the details for this month's reader's challenge which utilizes a wonderful sketch by our very own pixie-in-chief! i know we're all super-busy coming up on the holiday here, but the prize is...wait for it...the october pixie dust kit, FALL IN LOVE! do you think if i change my name to "rita" and use NO PINK AT ALL, i could get away with entering??!?! (...'cause it's a FAB kit!!!) :)


  1. Dear Rita,

    yes, I think you could do both those things.



  2. love the yummy colors! fab card, Lauren!

  3. GORGEOUS!!! Perfect for ANY PRINCESS!

  4. Fantastic card again Lauren ...

  5. Perfect for a Princess. Love the "Classic Lauren" swirls and pink and bling.


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