Monday, February 1, 2010

now we know what the partridge family has been up to for the last couple of years

and here i didn't even realize david cassidy could knit!

ok, so i don't have anything cool & crafty to show you today, but i have a really good excuse: i got to meet my lovely blogging friend leah yesterday, and we went out and about together for a day of fun! we went to a prismacolor class* ...we shopped at *TWO* scrapbook stores...we had red robin burgers and dairy queen blizzards in the same day! (is that even legal??!) we talked and talked and laughed and talked and played with our purchases and talked and laughed some more! it was one of the best papercrafty days ever! and i think the only person who was happier than leah and myself at the end of the day was lovely husband jeff...who apparently has noooooooo problem at all with the prospect of being replaced as my #1 crafting co-conspirator; go figure!

come again soon, leah! next time we'll actually MAKE SOMETHING, i promise!!! ♥

*(the less said about this the better because whilst i have no intention of "dissing" the very nice people who hosted it, there was NO teaching involved, no techniques explored, no experimentation encouraged; we were each given a set of 12 prisma pencils...gamsol & blender brushes were made available...and we were given several hours to copy four very cute stamped and colored cards on which said pencils were used. not at all a bad way to spend a sunday afternoon, i hasten to add, but let's call it "prisma fun", or "make-and-takes", and not a prismacolor CLASS, ok? sorry to be negative, but i was kind of disappointed, particularly since i'd talked someone else into driving a VERY LONG WAY to accompany me!) (sorry, leah!)


  1. Oh :-(
    Not what you were anticipating then? I have a distinct feeling I might feel the same way if someone presented me with a robin burger (aren't the feet a bit crunchy?)

  2. Okay that is great you guys had fun, but dang I wanna go!!! :( *pout pout* why oh why don't I live closer to you. Well I would freeze. So would Lewis and my two florida boys...but why oh why don't you live close to me? lol.

    We needed pics of what you purchased! :)


  3. I would love a prismacolor class - a REAL one! Oh, wait, then I'd need to collect prismacolor pencils, and we ALL know I have no room for them, so never mind.

    BUT, it does sound like you two had a blast anyway, so all was not lost, am I right?!

    BTW, about that bus? Someone has waaaaay too much time on their hands! HA!

    Carry on, Missy!

  4. it was amusing that, when i'd called to sign up, i asked what i needed to bring and whether or not we'd be using the spirits and blenders - she told me she didn't think so, and that i didn't have to bring anything.

    so i guess, if we didn't want to BUY one of those crummy Fantastix things, we could have blended using our fingers? maybe we could have removed our socks and used them as blending gloves? enjoy your two new Fantastix, my dear!

    i had a WONDERFUL time meeting you and it was a great day! no regrets, just a smidgen of mockery. ;)

    p.s. - your husband is a lovely fella! a right martyr, that one!

  5. that sounded like a whole lotta yummy!

  6. okay, sounds like you had thee most magnificent day...eve-vah!

  7. oooh, my honky-tonk girl's been hit by the spammah!

  8. yeah. that word "class" gets bandied about a lot when it really means "pay us some money and you can make these projects" - which is all quite fine (sometimes i like to go and make x&thus project - but it would be nice if they were clear on this point huh?)
    i'm confused - how does the bus come into play here?

  9. Love the bus - very creative (and may I please have a little of the creator's time and energy!). Glad you had a great day in spite of the disappointment. I have SOOO been there... hey- lets start an accreditation site for classes! Two inky thumbs up, two inky thumbs down, etc. Give them the "stamp" of approval.... or not... just saying...

  10. This is the coolest bus EVER. Sorry the art class was missing the "art", but I am glad you were able to spend your day with a crafty girlfriend. Those are always fun days.


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