Saturday, February 13, 2010


it's saturday, or as i think of it now, HEART the ART day! gina has a brand new prompt for us over at tyggereye art, so of course you'll be wanting to check it out, but first...want to see my page from last week? the prompt was "INVISIBLE". i was kind of puzzled as to what i'd do for this one, but over the course of the week, i kept thinking--FOR SOME REASON, can't imagine WHY--how very much i dislike *SNOW*...and how very, VERY nice it'd be if all of ours would just suddenly disappear! sadly, it did not, but the very thought was enough to spark my idea for a page:

(snowy tree photo taken by me, out my window, on wednesday 2-10 in the midst of a major snow storm; photo printed at 50% tint on plain copier paper, and again at 100% tint on kodak photo paper--the latter formatted as the letters "S-N-O-W" in arial font; transparency: hambly; diamond dust cardstock: paper adventures; dimensional snowflake stickers: jolee's; pen: zig; ink: colorbox)

text reads, "high on the list of things i would make permanently & irrevocably invisible: SNOW (can't stand it!!!)"


unfortunately, this is one of those times when a photo just cannot capture the actual page. i've printed my snow photo at two different intensities, on two different types of paper, and then layered the hand-cut letters OVER their corresponding spot on the photo, so that the rest of the snow & the tree seem to be fading away leaving just the text. (at least...that was my *intention*...and i am fairly happy with how it worked out!) i tore the background photo roughly to size & mounted it onto a transparency outlined in white to increase the "INVISIBLE" feeling, and finally i popped a piece of glittery grey paper behind this page in my book.

and now i really just cannot wait any longer, i have to go and see the new prompt...want to come with?! ♥


eta later on saturday: having suddenly become a daily spam recipient, i've changed my settings to dis-allow anonymous comments; i do not think this will effect any of my lovely blogging friends since we are all "registered users" (the next setting up) but if you have a problem commenting, just shoot me an email, and i'll re-evaluate. (i heartily DO NOT want to turn on word-veri...sigh...does anyone actually get *TRAFFIC* from these clearly spurious links??!?!)


  1. Yep, I'll come with and hop on over to Gina's blog.

    One day I may understand the magic you work digitally. Love your page :) I do love the snow and the beauty of it, but not cabin fever. We all went out for pizza last night. The roads are SO MUCH better now, not neighborhood streets or parking lots. It was wonderful to get out. Possibly more snow on Monday...that just seems like a cruel joke.

  2. I LOVE the two-toned printing! GENIUS! I might have to try that with one of my own photos!

    Yeah, stoopid snow. I finally got to work on Friday. I won't see the Miata until May... totally buried.

  3. Do you know? I have never noticed you don't have word-veri! Huh. I think I have always been so blinded by your skill and talent with paper to notice what was happening afterwards.

  4. Gorgeous!! I love this. I wish I could see it in real life. I bet it is a thousand times cooler in person.

    I hate the whole word verification thing. Its so annoying. I turned mine off on mine. I don't have annonymous either. Hope it works out for you. Hope you are having a good weekend!!

  5. Yup- brilliant! I love the picture on picture words! And as to making it invisible- if this works we will vow to make these cards yearly! Love it!

    I too have been having a difficult time with spam comments and have done the same as you- only registered users. I am hoping peps do not have trouble commenting but was not smart enough to add a blurb about it- think I will snitch your idea of telling them!

  6. yeah, the printing? FREAKING FUNNERWOOL, my dear!

    i love that idea, and may have to try something similar sometime. yes, you DO inspire me! :D

  7. love it...or really what I mean, is that I too dislike snow:)

    Spammers stink...

  8. This is so clever! I love the effect of the layered images! Fabulous!

    I have though about dis-allowing anon comment as well. I've gotten some funky spam as of late and I REFUSE to use the word veri...way too annoying!

    (-: Heidi

    PS I hope your snow melts fast. :-)


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