Tuesday, February 9, 2010

it's going to snow...AGAIN...

tonight. and whereas our part of new jersey has got off comparatively lightly in the last two rounds, it seems like this time we're in for it. so today i feel a bit like this:

anybody in the southern hemisphere in the mood for a house swap, effective immediately? anybody??


  1. Chaa!! No thanks. You can come bunk with me if you want. Gotta extra bed in Leo's room. Though Logan would be enormously happy to see snow and play in it. He's never seen snow before in real life.

  2. yipes...snow is okay if you have a fridge full of food and don't have to drive in the stuff...

  3. no... now that you're getting it i might as well stay put!!!!! (another 10-20 on top of the 25 ... waaaaah!)

  4. Bummer! I think you must have gotten our snow because I usually don't even see grass until March and I've already got 95% lawn!


    (-: Heidi

  5. I would have loved if you & LHJ could have snuck out before it hit and made your way to the 'burg. Not that you could have gotten here easily! All of the surrounding counties have closed school for the entire week. The girls have not been to school since Thursday and won't return until Tuesday! Hopefully we will be able to get out Friday? We'll see...

    I now have adhesive, though it was on sale 25% off, which broke my rule of never paying more than 40% off. It was a snow emergency. I spent an extra $2.25, well worth having it :)

  6. NO WAY. I am NOT going Norther (not a real word, but it works here) than I already am. Va Bch is bad enough for this So Cal gal.
    BUT, you can stay at our house if you want to. We work during the day and the kids are at school, so it would almost be like you were by yourselves...


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