Sunday, February 28, 2010

gina made me do it :)

i was planning a few crafty things yesterday, but in the end, i spent most of the afternoon writing a list of 100 things i love, and then turning it into a digital page. see, it was this way: gina made an amazing LO for this challenge at the digichick. i found both the idea (list 100 things you love right now...trying hard to be both specific and creative) and gina's take on it to be completely awesome, so of course i had to make one, as well. and since the challenge ends monday night, it was sort of "now or never"!

(~digital materials~ background paper and epoxy heart: "cherry sugar sunshine" kit, girl friday, digichick; bird and glitter sparkles: "my drama queen" kit, vinnie pearce, pixel canvas; frame: inverted hipster plume frames #1: anna aspnes, designer digitals; fonts: xenophone, 2 peas goofball, cry kitty & hurricane...all downloaded free from t'internet; software: broderbund printshop)

you may recognize the digital paper from yesterday's BG/2S4Y card. considering the theme, i decided that i should only use products i especially love to enhance my list! that paper, the mix of font styles, the color pink, and the grungy, flourishy frame are big on my hit parade right now, as is that divine bird! i'm quite happy with the way this turned out, actually...i think i am going to print it out and paste it into my art journal!

so what are some things
*YOU* love right now?
tell, tell!
better yet: make your own list...or journal page...or layout...and put a link in the comments!!!

in case the photo isn't's the text, just slightly bigger:

♥ 1. bacon 2. paul weller 3. bluebirds flitting through my yard 4. monsta tea towels 5. indian food/movies/music 6. shah rukh khan 7. henna tattoos 8. golden age mysteries 9. crispy fries 10. funnel cakes & fireworks at the fair 11. the beach 12. collecting shells 13. ice cream sandwiches 14. fried clams 15. sand pipers and pelicans 16. john sayles 17. russell t. davies 18. the bond films 19. doctor who 20. graphic novels 21. funky travelogues 22. art documentaries 23. andy goldsworthy 24. sophie calle 25. billy collins 26. ellsworth kelly 27. dina wakley 28. gina cunningham 29. watercolors 30. spraying ink on anything 31. vintage collage goodies 32. text incorporated into art 33. sheet music 34. mom mom's sewing machine 35. manual typewriter 36. i-pod...on shuffle 37. on-demand internet 38. nyc 39. art museums 40. tiny museums devoted to pez or lightbulbs 41. factory tours 42. a big box of crayolas and a niece to color with 43. addictive tv shows on dvd 44. dim sum 45. maps or newspaper as giftwrap 46. tiffany glass 47. the pre-raphaelites 48. jane austen 49. bryan ferry 50. riding bikes on the towpath 51. walking outdoors 52. chicken fried steak 53. "amelie" 54 bling & staples...together 55. ATC's 56. the coen brothers 57. art blogs 58. art books 59. art journaling (the magazine) 60. art journaling (the activity) 61. the butterscotch pudding at rosemont cafe 62. the valrhona hot chocolate at the new leaf cafe 63. rhonna farrer flourishes 64. technique videos on youtube 65. rummage & garage sales 66. lolcats 67. "overheard in ny" 68. rhino cd sets 69. amigurumi 70. playing dolls with the nieces 71. being read to by the nieces!!! 72. crossword puzzles 73. jigsaw puzzles 74. hello kitty 75. soma pj's 76. t-shirt sheets 77. buddha lounge 78. breakfast for dinner 79. "the big sleep" 80. "the maltese falcon" 81. the ramones 82. distressing corrugated cardboard 83. paper or fabric or paintings with clouds 84. paul matthews 85. the ocean 86. frozen mangos 87. pam garrison 88. edward gorey 89. justine hardy 90. fred astaire movies 91. roasted fruit 92. "art 21" 93. a perfect pair of scissors 94. dryline glue 95. the act of hand-sewing 96. any shade of pink 97. glitter nail polish 98. a foot rub 99. happy mail 100. the perfect cup of morning coffee ♥


  1. Pure magic my friend ... both the list and your amazing composition.

  2. Lovin' the list...LOVIN' the lo...and the lovin' the fact you made the FAB 5 at 2S4Y this week!! Congrats!!!!

  3. I love 28! Thanks for the shout out. This is so cool!! I love how pretty it is. Bacon also made me lol.

  4. fabulous as usual. i wanna play along so i'm not going to read your list until later (otherwise my mind tends to plagerize, lol!)

  5. Hey! I recognise that bird!!

    I love, love, lovetty love the idea and this list. Of course 'The Big Chill' made the list. Does a bear sh*t in the woods?' ;-)

  6. Your list is amazing! Everytime I look at one of these lists - I see more things I need to add to mine! ;) Fabulous composition, thanks so much for playing along! :)

  7. Girlfriend you are a digital GODDESS! Absolutely gorgeous! Loved reading your list appear to be as eclectic as I am! (or is that eccentric LOL!)

    (-: Heidi

  8. Well done job there. Love your card and reading your list... And the bird ~♥~ love it... Hugs

  9. Gorgeous page. Love your list.

  10. ok, finally made it back to read the list. can i be your friend? you are so much fun!!!


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