Friday, February 5, 2010

talk about your happy mail!

the most darling miss stephanie, already a figure of some repute in the field, has surpassed herself this time...see?

exhibit a:
a gloriously shimmery pink-n-brown card smothered with bling AND the eiffel tower on it! (inside is a cool stamped message which reads, "let's be satellites! that's like valentines, but more far out!") exhibit b: the most divinely & entirely laureny set of perfectly-ATC-sized stamps i have ever seen in my entire life! (to the point where i actually think the clear art stamp company may be SPYING on me...but if these are the results, it seems churlish to object!*) i'd like to talk some more, but right now i really think i need an ink pad...

(thank you thank you thank you!!!)

*i figure if they come out with a set of daniel-craig-themed stamps in the spring, we'll know FOR SURE! :)


  1. I shall have a word with the management forthwith.

  2. Wow that is so cool! I love that card! Great job Stef! Those stamps are so cool. Can't wait to see what you do with them L.:)

  3. lucky girl, this is fab!! i was wondering if you were planning to enter the current moxiefab challenge... retro and wit (so *you*, so i hope you do cuz i'm sure you'll come up with something awesome!) hope you are well!!

  4. That Stef is such a Sweetie! I love her from the 'Varks, but also because she loves you too. Clearly she has very good taste in art & friends :)


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