Monday, February 15, 2010

happy mail...times *TWO*!

have i mentioned lately that i am the *LUCKIEST* so-and-so in the blogosphere?! well, it bears repeating, especially since on saturday, when i got out to my mailbox (go straight past the giant pile of snow, turn left at the GIANT pile of snow, it's right next to the *giiiiiant* pile of snow!) i found not one but TWO fabulous packages awaiting me!

my lovely norwegian friend linda and i decided a couple of weeks ago to swap cards, but i certainly never expected to receive a custom-made, especially-for-me, totally LAURENY funky robot masterpiece!!!

how flippin' adorable is that thing?! i LOVE it!!! but wait, you haven't seen the back yet:

could it even GET any better than that?! yeah, i didn't think so either...until i opened it!!!

it's a fabulous, beautifully constructed gift folder with two pockets inside, and the pockets are stuffed with a brilliant assortment of perfectly chosen goodies: there's a set of indian-themed basic grey clear stamps, adorable dimensional critter stickers, gorgeous cerulean blue ribbon, felt flower embellies, and my new favorite norwegian word: MELKESJOKOLADE!!! (that's the creamiest milk chocolate i've ever had in my life, in case you haven't guessed from the photo!) in short, miss linda has proven rather magnificently, that she is as lovely and thoughtful as she is creative and clever, and to her i say, most gratefully,

mange takk!!!

as if that wouldn't be more than enough goodies for one girl on ANY given day, the very lovely cheryl nelson (whom i know you will all miss at 2S4Y as much as i will now that her DT term is over--waaaahhhh!!!) celebrated her very first blogiversary and 100th post recently. being an amazingly generous & giving woman, she made donations in honor of all the comments from the post that marked her celebration! (how COOL is that?! seriously, i'm in awe of people like cheryl and missus trash, who have the most amazing altruism hard-wired into their very souls which lets them see--especially in the midst of a crisis--such immediate and practical ways to help others!!! these are WONDERFUL ladies i am privileged to call my friends!) anyway, cheryl and the ladies at her church used these funds to assemble incredibly useful hygiene kits (full of soap, washcloths, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc) which are being sent to haiti in the wake of the earthquake; you can read about that very worthwhile project here!

in addition to all of THAT, cheryl also had a drawing for blog candy, and i won a rather luscious array of scrappy stuffs!

so once again allow me to dust off my large print hearts and say,

thank you miss cheryl!
your beautiful creations are equalled only by your beautiful spirit!


  1. I'm so glad it turned up all in one piece. Melkesjokolade is a big hit with everyone and very glad you liked it. I have a little award for you in my blog. I know you're not in to them as much as we are here, but..well.. I wanted you to have one... You can keep it in you hearth. Big hugs.

  2. WOW! You are one lucky chic! Lots of fun goodies to play with while your trapped inside from the snow!

  3. Okay that card is too cool. AND TO SEND CHOCOLATE!!! She's the best blog buddy ever. Thats too cool. Our chocolate in the states I think totally is a bummer compared to other countries. I bet that made the snow look a little less ick for ya for awhile. :)

  4. That is some SERIOUS Happy Mail! At this rate, you may never need to purchase crafty stuff ever again! (yeah, right!)

  5. Soooo happy that you got it all safe and sound!! Hugs, Cheryl


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