Tuesday, February 2, 2010

this would've been more impressive *BEFORE* the yarn bus, wouldn't it?

because in comparison, a hand-knitted scarf just isn't nearly as cool, is it?

even if it was made from a cool novelty yarn like trendsetter cha cha, that automatically makes these cool ruffles when you knit it up in stockinette stitch?

so that all you have to do is cast on eight stitches and in perhaps 10 days of intermittent knitting you're at the end of the skein and you've got this fun, ruffly thing that wants to curl in at the edges like stockinette always does...but for once...that makes it look even better!

yeah. it would've been more impressive if you hadn't seen the yarn bus first. that's all i'm sayin'! :)


ps: i was very excited last night to learn i WON the fabulous ippity stamps at sketchy thursdays! even though it was a random drawing, i was especially proud to have won for this hybrid card that was SO MUCH fun to make! thanks, you guys!


  1. Well, the yarn bus is impressive, BUT I gotta say I love this scarf waaaayyyyy more! Learning to knit is on my things to do list this year and this makes me want to learn all the more! Speaking of winning...you also are a random winner on my blog. Send your address to my email and I'll get your goodie package out to you! Hugs, Cheryl

  2. OOOHHH!
    fluffly! like it!

    wonder if that yarn comes in ORANGE..... *daydreams*

  3. And your awesome card also won at The Creative Type (so *not* a random drawing) ... way to go girly.

  4. whoa...so you like knitted this? And did the monogram too? What don't you do sista?! excellent!

    Congrats on the wins!!!

  5. Wow- I love it- it is SO IMPRESSIVE! You are one multi talented gal! Very cool yarn btw!

  6. OK, while the yarn bus is undoubtedly cool, this is going to look way better on! Gorgeous!! I really love that vintagey Lavern and Shirly-esq monogram!

    Big congrats on the win too!

    (-: Heidi

  7. Nitting as well?? You talented girl!
    Congrats on the win.. !

  8. Whoa! That is a perfect Laverne "L"! Your talent is super-sized :)


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