Monday, February 22, 2010

playin' with: SPRAY INKS!

yes, i've been in mad scientist mode again. it's heidi swapp's fault. she made this video about glimmer mists, which pretty much forced me into spending a full morning playing with all of my spray inks, various masks and some stamps. i even unearthed the brayer i have had for 12 years and only used twice. it's a bit ink-stained now. my kitchen sink was a bit inked stained for a while, as well, but it was worth the effort of scrubbing it clean!

some conclusions from my essperiments:

1. glimmer mist is the sparkliest of the spray inks; followed by maya mist--which soaks in and dries the fastest; smoosh spritz is the least sparkly but has the most intense color. glimmer mist also blends the best, particularly with other glimmer mist shades.

2. diluted watercolor paint (the kind that comes in a tube) gives GREAT color and coverage...but dries much, MUCH slower than spray inks do.

3. diluted gesso makes an AWESOME spray of white dots...but will very easily clog your sprayer. (very easily!) (no seriously, VERY easily indeed. i cannot emphasize this enough!)

4. tim holtz & heidi swapp masks give a much crisper look than tattered angels' glimmer screens...but the wet glimmer screens can be flipped over onto another piece of paper and used as a "stamp" to very cool effect. lace is quite nice as as a mask, also; the more open the pattern the better it works.

5. brayering over a paper towel to blot & blend inks (like heidi does in the vid) leaves a very faint texture...but in a good way! the same goes for lace, or anything else with a texture.

6. none of the "color swatches" on the ink bottles are remotely accurate... (hence the test cards i made, above) ...which is why the smoosh brand's clear bottle is quite cool.

7. two ounce bottles do not last nearly as long as you think they will, unless you really turn out to dislike the color, in which case they are eternal!

this concludes my conclusions, but i welcome any and all insights! do you have any great spray ink tips? leads on a fab tutorial? favorite brands/colors/masks? let's hear 'em!!! (& thanks!) ♥


  1. Good to know!! I have some Glimmer mist coming my way. I'm going to be in experiment mode as soon as it gets here!! Gorgeous backgrounds. :)

  2. oooh, purdy misty goodness!
    those are some great colours there, dahlink!
    i really like the Luminarte Radiant Rain sprays, personally, for vibrance and shimmer, but the Tattered Angels definitely have the MOST shimmer (though less pigment).

    i spray on waxed paper and like to use the canned air can after i've got a few colours on there, to bleed and blend, then i lay something else in it. fun stuff!

    thanks for the tips, especially the one about gesso! shan't be using that anytime soon.

    here's a question though - i'm sure some of your readers can help with this one... what spray bottles are the best, if you're not using the ones right from the company?

  3. oooohhhh....thanks for the info on the sprays...I recently picked up a bottle but haven't played with it yet...

  4. Completely gorgeous work!!! Thanks for the info! I have yet to experiment with the spray inks. I have been wanting, too and just haven't yet. This makes me more excited to give it a try.

  5. This was such a helpful post. Thank you.

    I have a few of the Glimmer Mist screens but I thought I was doing it wrong as my image wasn't as crisp as I'd hoped.

    I'm mighty tempted by the Smooch ones; I'm surprised they aren't more sparkly, glad I didn't invest.

    Great post, thank you!

  6. Loving your experimenting! It helps to have the comparisons and insights into each of these products. I want to try them all! I am going to keep trying different home brews for these with the occasionally purchased store product (trying to be frugal but I must add- I am in love with these sprays!!!!)

  7. I have ZERO experience with spray inks...they scare me. I really want to try some out though 'cause I keep seeing all the incredible things everyone else does with them! Great big thanks for the info!

    (-: Heidi

  8. Oh! Something I forgot to mention! You *must* try the amazing, gorgeous sprays from Lindy's Stamp Gang. Seriously.
    Starburst are the ones with a dabber top (they make an awesome splat) with the richest color possible.
    Plus they come dry (no leaking in the pkg, cheaper shipping) and are a bit cheaper than other brands.
    I can't possibly encourage you to try them ENOUGH! :) (and check out the videos:

  9. I have one spray ink, and all I can get it to do is drip on my cards. Total and utter FAIL! I applaud your controlled test, and the Analyst in me is very, very reassured you were thorough in your process. I may, one day, refer back to this marvelous post and TRY it MYSELF. Well, I could ...


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