Thursday, February 25, 2010

heart the art: week 8 (feel like)

did you ever start out with great inspiration, a favorite technique, awesome ingredients, and still wind up with a finished product you didn't really like?

in my case, i had the terrific heart the art prompt #8, a selection of spray inks and stamps, two entirely fabulous gauche alchemy color kits AND i even knew exactly what i wanted to say.

and i still don't really like the finished page.

(materials: gauche alchemy color kits in pink and red; vintage sheet music and japanese text paper sprayed with glimmer mist and smoosh spritz; heidi swapp floral stamped and painted with gesso; stampin' up distressed edge stamp; staz-on inks; stick-on velcro dots; copic outliner)

the prompt was FEEL LIKE. i wrote about the fact that lately i feel like i am on the verge of something really interesting creatively. and actually, i do believe this page reflects the fact that i've gotten braver, i'm less concerned about making "mistakes" and a lot more interested in process than results. if the price of that is posting a page that didn't entirely gel in the way i hoped, well heck, i guess i'll pay it, and gladly!

on the plus side, i do looooooove the (detachable!) flower, and the bold splashes of color, and the swirl of vintage beads and sequins. on the down side, i wish there was more (or SOME!) white space...the focal image is in the wrong place...and there's just all together too much going on here.

having said all that, i had ♥FUN♥ making this; which afterall, is the main thing. and guess what? on saturday morning, gina will post a brand new prompt and i'll get another chance to do what i love!

can i get a "woohoo"?!


  1. WHAT??? Are you kidding?? its perfect!! I love it. That detatchable flower is a GENIUS idea. It meshes great to my eyes. You probably had an even cooler thought in your head and couldn't get it out, but this my lady is FABULOUS. You know I would say if there was a place or area that I would do a little different, but on this one I totally wouldn't. Maybe the only thing bothering you is the contrast factor. There is a very monotone thing going on which I really like, but you usually have something to make a strong contrast. ??? Either way. Fab girlie. Fab.

  2. Jippi !This is looking fantastic. And that detachable flower is a MUST TRY idea. Also love all the beads and bling. ♥ thankyou for another great Lauren piece of art full of inspiration. Hugs

  3. I think it looks AMAZING!!! Lovin' that detachable flower! You are a genius!

  4. velcro? sweet!
    i've gone that route a couple of times, but never totally dug it - THIS, i dig!

    love the splishy-splashy yumminess of this card! and holy heck, i'm behind with the HTA prompts. by "behind" - i mean i've done ONE. that's just unacceptable!

    making GREAT use of those awesome GA kits, dahlink! and what's the "distressed edge" stamp? i must see this when i visit next!

    speaking of which, we should make some plans. did i already mention that?

    congrats, too, on making the faves board on Sketchy Thursdays! :) you totally deserved it!

  5. Yes....that happens to me too! Sometimes when there is so much going on, I think that reflects exactly what you are saying about a change in your creative proccess occurring for you. I love the detatchable flower and those fab bling and beads!! Hope your week is going great! :>

  6. I truly believe it's those pieces that we're less than thrilled with that pave the road to something phenomenal ... keep playing.

  7. You are definitely WAY to hard on yourself! This may not have been the vision you set out to achieve, but I assure you it is GORGEOUS!! I could go on forever about that detachable flower, but let me just say it's pure GENIUS and leave it at that!

    (-: Heidi

  8. this is soooooo very magnificent...I love all the are the queen of deets.....


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