Saturday, January 30, 2010

heart the art: week four (control)

i've always been a big fan of saturdays, but since the beginning of january i'm even more excited when the weekend rolls around, because saturday is when the new journal prompt for HEART the ART goes up at tyggereye art! today is no exception--prompt #5 is a goodie, and you can see it here. i just got my page for prompt #4 made today, and having popped over to grab the link, i realize i got it slightly wrong: it was actually "under control" and i used "in control". ah well. worse things happen at sea...particularly to FISH! speakin' of which, here's my page now:

(fish illustration cut from an old book; glossy black cardstock: ranger; thought bubble: bam pop; rub-on letters: making memories; silver gel pen: sakura; other: colorbox ink, sewing machine, manual typewriter)

typed text reads, "hello, i'm bruce and i'll be your haddock tonight"

written text reads, "i'm not in control of the neck headache anymore. (& i don't know what to do about that!)"

those of you who've hung out here for a bit probably know that i have some chronic spine/disc issues; including a really bad halo headache that i get when my neck is out. in the last few years these have gradually increased in both severity and frequency, despite the best efforts of our loyal and devoted chiropractor. lately it occurs to me that eventually i am going to have to do more...but...what, exactly?! thus the page above.

my original plan for the page included some fancy-schmancy ink/paint sponged waves as a setting for the fish...but as i was choosing a cardstock base i happened to rest the cut-out fish and word bubble on a piece of my beloved ranger glossy black...and when i saw it there i really loved the impact of the plain solid background, so i changed my plans accordingly. i think i might get some paints out anyway, though, because now i'm sort of in the mood to make a big ol' mess. which is kind of THE POINT of saturdays, dontcha think?!

happy weekend, darlings!


  1. Oooh, black glossy card stock. I would NEVER have chosen a fish for something like this, but then I am not you! HAHAHAHHAHA! Probably a good thing, too, and I mean that in the NICEST way! :-)

  2. Okay that is so cool. I have some of those fishies you sent me!! I love this. I'm sorry your neck hurts you. :( That sucks. Very cool with that plain cardstock. UBER cool. And a fish that I love. Mr. Haddock. too coolio. Can't wait to put it in next week's collage! ;)

  3. Fantastically wonderful ... love your fish ... hope you can figure out a long-term way to feel better.

  4. Your page is very cool. Love the fish, the black and the fonts. I am so sorry about your chronic pains. I'll say a prayer for you.

  5. I'm very sorry you have chronic pain, I will offer up what I'm trying for some health issues - you won't hurt my feelings if you think I'm nuts - but I recommend accupuncture. A good practitioner can work with you for a lot of pain management. (Stepping off soap box now)

    These art journal prompts are very cool and I'm dying to play along - Jana's been doing them and now I want to as well.

  6. Love your art journals. I'm not in to creating them yet, but you inspire me and I like looking at yours. I'm sorry your neck hurts you. :( Sending warm hugs over the North Atlantic Ocean.

  7. Great page and I wish I could make your pain just poof away....

  8. Oh dearie, I really hope you can find a permanent solution to your pain!
    On the bright side...
    I love the funky graphic feel of this!

    (-: Heidi

  9. I am thinking that no one else will have a journal page with a fish on it or such a clever title/sentiment ;)


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