Monday, July 25, 2022

Cruising Into the End of July...

...and here now is the penultimate ICAD Round-Up; starting with today's Mandala and working backwards through the past week:

Day 55: Mandala Monday
An ink-over-collage scenario, featuring some beautiful vintage "Big Dollar" trading stamps from Stephanie, and the three newest shades of Wendy Vecchi Archival Ink from Ranger: Morning Glory, Rosey Posey and Peachy Keen.
(There might just be a new WV release tomorrow, too... you never know...)

Day 54: Wander
This silhouette of a magazine model, cut from a vintage map just happened to be in my box of collage bits! I have no idea what my original intention was for her, or why it didn't happen...

Day 53: Dawn or Dusk
Currently the only time it's less than sweltering here in central New Jersey, and it's amazing how the critters who frequent our feeder and birdbath (birds, squirrels, bunnies and chipmunks) instinctively know that. (Ok, yeah, not really prompt-based; it's just a garden-themed vintage paper collage!)

Day 52: Together
This pre-cut-out vintage illustration was sitting in my box of collage fodder and for some reason the amount of shopping they're carrying screamed, "Green Stamps" to me! :) 

Day 51: Chevron
Circling back to a prompt from last week when I had an idea but no doodling time!

Day 50: Detour
Very verrrrryyyyy loose version of the prompt, but het... there's a map!
(Ok, really I just wanted to use another of Gina's awesome Critter Stickers; this one's calle Anxious Pastel Pacu!)

Day 49: Wallpaper
Quite a tangential take on the prompt, but I like how this grouping came out; it's the last 3 or 4 images from an ancient pack of rub-on transfers, layered over a torn paper collage.


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