Monday, July 18, 2022

Mighty Mighty Mandala Monday...

...and another ICAD Round Up! Let's take a look at the index card art from this past week: 

Day 48: Mandala Monday
I found the embossed and ink-blended circle icon in my box of leftover bits and decided it would make a fab center for a mandala. I stand by that decision!

Day 47: Off Prompt
This was a very collagey week, for which I make no apology. This one is of the clean-up variety, encompassing a bunch of yellow things that were on my work table.

Day 46: Off Prompt
My friend Gina, who is one of the most amazing artists I know, has recently re-opened her Redbubble Shop, Gina is Arty, and she was kind enough to send me some of her awesome animal stickers. I am OBSESSED with this Pink Lemonade Giraffe, amongst others!

Day 45: Travel
Ok, definitely stretching the prompt, lol! But birds travel by flight, which involves... FEATHERS! (And serendipitously, on this day, I found an unfinished feather doodle in my index card box. So I finished it, colored it and added splashes all over.)

Day 44: Whimsical
In my box of collage bits I stumbled upon this pre-cut-out vintage elephant illustration and a map of South America and it occurred to me how similar the two shapes were. You can't really see it in the finished collage because I added an extraneous hibiscus... but still... 

Day 43: Axolotl Collage
Another beautiful, whimsical animal sticker from the Gina Is Arty Redbubble Shop!

Day 42: Off Prompt
A fairly random set of doodles on top of Zig Dot Marker background, on a gridded index card.

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