Saturday, July 24, 2021

I Can, Therefore ICAD

It's hard to believe we're only seven days away from the end of ICAD 2021, but the calendar assures me that is the case. Is it just me, or has this been the fastest summer everrrrr?? Meanwhile, here's the index card art from the week:

day 46: off prompt
a very fast collage made with pre-cut-out bits from my collage box. i like it, though.

day 47: off prompt zen doodle extravaganza
bold crisp oxide ink colors inside my michelle ward hex pattern stencil from the ink pad; curvy, detailed doodle lines in between.

day 48: off prompt
another handcut, machine stitched, patterned paper pattern. this one's inspired by my favorite scaly-skinned mammal, the pangolin!

day 49: mandala monday
i've had an idea about combining layered shapes with hand-drawn mandalas. this, frankly, isn't quite it... but i'll definitely be revisiting the concept!

day 50: typography
basically an excuse to combine a bunch of texty scraps, lol... 

day 51: off prompt
having already done a few cards with handcut letters, this time i went with numerals!

day 52: ice cream
who can resist hand cutting and sewing a triple decker ice cream cone?
(not me, clearly!)

day 53: botanical
the black and white flower illustrations were my starting point for this collage, which i had envisaged being all botanical ingredients over green background pieces. then the car showed up...



  1. Awesome week of ICAD art. no picking a fav this week.

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