Saturday, July 10, 2021

ICAD: Week Six

The Index Card a Day project... and the summer, for that matter... are just FLYING by at warp speed! Let's freeze time for a second and enjoy this week's allotment of ICAD art: 

day 32: off prompt
it's a gallery wall of cancelled postage. i confess that i thought there was going to be a second layer, but nothing i tried to add looked right...

day 33: feather
serendipitously, i found a dove's feather on our driveway about a day before i saw this prompt on the list, so obviously i had to use it in a collage, right?!

day 34: gingham
i made a diagonal background with tombow brush pens, skinny washi tape and machine stitching. it ended up more like lattice than gingham, so i added some gelprinted flowers and called it a day.

day 35: mandala monday
collaged vintage paper scraps, a pitt pen mandala and smooshes of tombow color on top.

day 36: off prompt
a one-staple cleanup collage of random bits that were laying on my worktable, including the blooming violet stencil my friend linda edkins wyatt designed for stencilgirl!

day 37: oasis
palm fronds. lot of 'em!!!

day 38: postcard
pretty sure this is going to be a major obsession, so i apologize in advance for making way too many random collages on top of vintage postcards!


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