Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Calendar Girl

When I saw this super-fun, extra-wide Calendar Washi in the Eyelet Outlet Store, I knew immediately that I wanted to adorn it with a year's worth of seasonal brads. I confess it didn't occur to me that I'd wind up with with 29 brads from 21 sets on a 6.5 x 5.5" card; but that's cool too!

Here's the brad list, month by month; try to spot my very silly mistake! January: Penguin and Snowflake Brads; February: Heart Brads; March: Bluebird and Robin Brads plus a Mini Bee; April: Chick and Colored Egg Brad; May: Colored Daisy and Mini Ladybug; July: the Hat from our patriotic Flag and Hat set; June: Tall Palm Tree and Colorful Sunglass Brad; August: Ice Cream and the Sun from the Sun and Cloud Brad set; September: Book Brad and a School Bus; October: Pumpkin and Mini Spiders (they're on sale!); November: Mini Leaves and the Rake from our Lawn Mower set; December: Santa and Mrs. Claus.

So did you catch the error? Yep. I accidentally swapped June and July!!! And what's more I didn't even notice until I was writing up this post! Oh well, technically June has Flag Day and July is still a nice month for the beach, so let's just keep this between ourselves, ok? Thanks!

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