Saturday, July 17, 2021

Week 7... Seriously?!

Yes, as difficult as it is to believe, we're heading into the last few weeks of ICAD and here are the index cards to prove it:

day 39: off prompt
a patchwork of various patterned paper scraps, which i embellished and outlined.

day 40: silver
admittedly there's more green than silver. and in the photo the silver looks grey, but still... this was fun to draw, based on a swatch of wallpaper i cannot imagine in any room anywhere lol!

day 41: off prompt
more embellished patches of patterned paper... apparently this is becoming A Thing?

day 42: mandala monday
rainbow colors courtesy of my sadly neglected pilot frixion pens.

day 43: off prompt
this week's bonus idea is to make an ogee pattern and reminded me how much i've loved doing those in the past. this one is drawn with pitt pens and colored with my trusty tombows.

day 44: off prompt
surprise... another ogee! this one is handcut paper shapes, with machine stitching on top.

day 45: kaleidoscope
pipsticks gem stickers, arranged on a gridded card... not the fanciest ICAD ever, but fun to make!

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