Saturday, July 3, 2021

ICAD: Halfway Point

Hard to believe that we're already into July and thus the first of our two Index Card a Day months is over? Where exactly did June go, does anyone know?! Meanwhile, here are the index cards I completed this week:

day 26: maple
i started with maple leaves, which makes sense. the map and the little car were in my "collage bits" envelope and i probably chose them as much for color as anything...

day 27: matalasse
yep, i had to look it up! matalasse is a sort of tone-on-tone design with lots of top-stitching... though technically real matalasse isn't a *quilt* because the detailed stitching is sewn on one piece of fabric, without batting or backing. my card took quite some time and sort of looks like very very fancy quilted toilet paper, but it was interesting to learn about, so there's that, lol!

day 28: mandala monday
i'm a bit sad that my fancy green postage composition in the circle got covered up, but otherwise i'm pretty happy with this combination of collage and drawing.

day 29: quilt
ok, so yeah... this looks like lots of work, but the triangles are 1" squares, cut on the guillotine and sliced in half; all the stitching is straight lines and done in one go. this is the perfect card for me at 10:30pm when i'm too tired to think creatively, but not yet sleepy; methodical OCD-style repetition is quite relaxing...

day 30: vine
definitely a stylized take on a vine; really it was mostly an excuse for me to hand-cut lots of similar shapes and then stitch on top of them!

day 31: off-prompt
a one-staple collage that's probably too over-hangy to wear well, but i like it. that rose is from an ancient piece of patterned paper and i'm sort of excited that i still have a couple more like it... :)


Hope your July is off to a good start and wishing a 
Happy Independence Day to all my American friends!

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