Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Watch Out For Hidden Sugars...

...although if the sugars in question are adorable kawaii ice cream cones and they're disguised with a variety of Eyelet Outlet Brads, you might decide to make an exception, lol!

This is not the first or last time that I've paired Lawn Fawn character stamps with EO Brads. They're the perfect size and scale, plus... I love that the brads add texture to the stamping, but are still flat and mail-able. My card has five ice cream cones of various flavors; and the disguises, from left to right, are: Straw Hat Brads (on special for .99c); Sunglass Brads, Cherry, (on special for $1.29)Colorful Sunglass Brads; and finally, I could not resist a Mustache Brad (on special for $1.09). I used Cloud Tape to make the small window which holds the cones, and a slimline-sized background of Banana Tape.

There were so many additional brad choices in just the Hats and Glasses section of the EO Store that I'm fairly sure I'll be remaking versions of this card over and over!

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