Saturday, August 8, 2020

A Few "Extra" Cards

Just a few pics that have been languishing on my computer's desktop so I figured I'd post and file them. By the way, to anyone who asks, "Why are you still blogging, when all the action is on social media now?" I reply, "A month from now, when you want to find one specific project quickly, would you like to scroll for all eternity through your feed, waiting for it to load each set of nine photos; or jump into Blogger's dashboard and use the search feature?" Plus I have the luxury of recording all the product I've used AND tagging the post so that I can easily make a group of say, collage projects, or cards that have brads, or ink blending, or stencils, or... well, you get the idea. Having said all of that, I tried Blogger's appalling new format last week (YIKES!) and if they don't fix their diabolically nested toolbar or allow the "Legacy" format to be used indefinitely, I may change my mind about the whole deal.

But for now, lookie, there are cards! :)

This is a "Clean Up Collage": basically when I take all of the random scraps on my worktable and instead of throwing them out or putting them away, I make a random collage. Usually I do this in my sketchbook, but since I had a focal point and everything, I made a card.
(ps: these leftovers are all from one project involving StencilGirl stencils, that I'm really excited about but can't reveal yet... hehehe... sorry to be cryptic, lol...)

Here's a baby card for a new family member who arrived earlier this year. I had intended to use it as an Eyelet Outlet project; then I realized that BOTH the sweet prams and the pink teddies had gone out of inventory... 

I was trying to draw hydrangeas on scraps of watercolor paper from a class kit I put together for Paper Anthology. These came out well enough that I decided to paint them with ColorBurst. I considered using this as my CAS card for SOS but then I realized it isn't very "stashy" is it...



  1. Wow great cards, Wow to the CAS one, thought I was reading someone elses blog, had to scroll up to make sure I was still on yours. the Hydrangeas are awesome.

  2. Please don't quit blogging. I hear ya about the new Blogger format (insert gagging noise). Myself, I enjoy reading blogs much more than social media, I come for the "talking" as well as the awesome makes. I know my preference is hardly going to influence your decision moving forward but I thought I'd let you know that I'd miss your blog loads if you chose to go with social media only. Just thought I'd throw that out there. (:


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