Wednesday, August 12, 2020

From Italy, Con Amore!

Ok, technically, I am in New Jersey and unlikely to leave the country any time soon. But I can still *imagine* a fabulous trip to Italy by using my Eyelet Outlet Colosseum and Pisa Brads to make some fun Italian-themed cards. Oh and to make it even better, these brads are on special for just .89 cents!

For my first card I've combined an illustration from an old book with this cool Ticket Washi, and added the Leaning Tower and Colosseum to the "I" and "O" in my sentiment, which is composed of vinyl alphabet stickers in a nice chunky font. I've matted the whole panel with beautiful antique-looking Map Tape.

My second card is a bit sillier, so I needed to make a custom sentiment on the computer. The Leaning Tower is saying, "I'll Never ROME" to the Colosseum, who replies, "You've got a PISA my heart"! In addition to the Italian Brads I've got a Compass and a background paper made by neatly lining up strips of funky yellow Text Tape on plain white cardstock.

Wherever your real or imaginary travels take you this summer, I'm pretty sure there's an Eyelet Outlet Brad and Washi Tape combination to help you celebrate!

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