Saturday, January 28, 2017

round up the usual suspects... comes another week's worth of sketchbook fun! :)

i wish i had taken a photo of this gelli print before i started working on it, but i didn't so i'll just have to tell you, lol. when stephanie and i were in the midst of a printing frenzy last june, i had placed my hand-cut buddha stencil on top of the plate, so there was white space on the actual print; as it turned out, instead of gluing things on top of it, i cut out the void and layered the gelli on foam tape OVER the collage of sheet music, chinese text, doilies, etc... i really like this look, so i'm sure you'll be seeing it again...

for #patternjanuary; clearly a pretty loose take on the spokes and wheels of a bike. with loads of bright color burst shades and tons of doodle-y pen detail.

technically, not in my sketchbook... have i mentioned lately how much i loooooooooooove wrapping presents?! (i love wrapping presents!!!)

"folk art"
pattern january, again. i went with mexican folk art, and a much more regular/repeating pattern than usual...b/c you've gotta try EVERYTHING, right?!

pattern january two-fer: "rain" plus "black and white"
a much more sensible way to do a repeating pattern is to cheat, lol. i added some strips of black paper to my sketchbook, punched a bunch of clouds from black and from white and THEN... did pen doodles on top of both. (b/c srsly, if i had to draw all the clouds and paint in a background, this thing would still not be finished!)

i always love the look of sprinkling color burst powder directly onto wet paper and just letting it do what it does. this is the first time i've ever tried it on top of metallic paint pen doodles. it won't be the last, though...

we are headed to the chiropractor this morning, which means crocheting on the way (for me, anyhow) and saladworks on the way home. i hope you will get your fair share of pleasant pastimes and healthy treats today, too! ♥♥♥


  1. Such awesome saturday eye candy.

  2. I agree with Amy, these are all fabulous but love the turquoise best. My treats will be healthy up until the Chinese New Year festivities at West Street Buffet.

  3. These are so amazing ... love what you did with the gelli print and the clouds are fantastic.

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  5. wonderful stuff here...but wow your present wrapping is AWESOME...can I just send you an empty box to wrap? ;)


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