Thursday, August 7, 2014

starburst tangent

tammy has started a fab new series on the daisy yellow blog, called tangents and tactics. they're sort of amped up journaling prompts. in addition to giving you an idea and some examples of how it might be interpreted, she's provided a bit more specific/step-by-step information about method and materials, and even a little video! just another way to make it easy and fun to dip a toe into the art journaling arena. the first tangent is a starburst, and if you make one, there's a starburst tangent link love to display yours and leave some admiration for the creations of others. meanwhile, here's mine: 


speaking of tammy, she's written a very cool thing about daily art practice, in this post; my favorite part is the bit in smaller typeface, set off by "disclaimer". not to give it all away, but she makes the distinction between creating a journal full of beautiful finished pieces of art and making time for playing and experimenting and embracing new things. don't get me wrong, it's fabulous that there are soooooo many gorgeous inspirational sites and books and pages to be found online; but the less awesome flipside of that is (i think of it as "the pinterest effect") we can sometimes psych ourselves out, and start thinking things have to be perfect to be shared, or maybe even to be worth doing in the first place! and to me that feels so antithetical to a creative life.

ok, so, having explored the "TANGENT" concept in every conceivable sense, lol, i'm now gonna go make something pointless and crazy, just because i can! how about you?! (say yes, say YES, darlings!) ♥♥♥


  1. This is so much fun! I like the heart being the centre of it all, and your groovy patterns!

  2. This is a beauty, Lauren, and I know what you mean be the "pinterest" effect. I think the trick is to learn to see it all as inspiration.

  3. wow, this is beautiful - I love how you added a heart to the centre.

  4. yes yes yes!!! Love the heart in your Starburst and such wonderful color and patterns.


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