Thursday, August 14, 2014

is it possible to become addicted to watercolors?

not that i mind, actually; or that i want any help to quit, for that matter. but i do seem to be totally hooked on painting pretty much everything at the moment, and even treated myself to a couple of new brushes at michaels the other day. here are some daily paper prompts i made with them:

every time i make something intricate with a lot of stitching, jeff always flips it over to look at the seemingly "free form" sewn pattern on the back. sometimes he even says, "i think you should post THIS side!" which got me thinking: what if i took a magazine photo or drawing and outlined the entire thing with machine stitching, but then turned it on the other side and... what? colored it with markers? no wait... how about paints? this was my first attempt. below is the front side showing the original artwork, i think it's an erte drawing from the 30's; i liked that it had really strong lines but not too much fussy detail.

the brief here was to do three different varieties, so i chose to use the same colors, but vary the scale, the outlines, and the way i applied the paint. 

this one's pretty simple, but i like the colors and the way the circles intersect. (i made them by outlining the inside and outside of a roll of tape!)

the assignment was to make a grid of paint or marker colors, but i had my box of deco tape sitting in front of me and my plan to make a black and white tape grid in which the painted colors would live got out of hand. my favorite parts are the variety of different grids stitched on top of the tapes, especially the diagonal.

having fallen in love with this journal page by birgit koopsen, i decided to see if i could recreate the beautiful, large, deeply pigmented, blendy droplets by using distress reinkers and a spray mister. ummmmm... NOPE! not even close!!! back to the drawing board, lol! :)


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