Saturday, August 30, 2014

nature and so forth

♥♥♥ more daily paper prompts, WAHEY! ♥♥♥

since 99% of my art journaling is done after 10pm, it wasn't really practical to go outside for this one, so i carried a pot with several different plants in it into the living room, and sketched and colored one leaf of each. i'll tell you what, if you really want to *SEE* something try to draw it... you focus and notice details that just kind of fly right past in "real life"!

for me, the hardest part of doing a daily journal exercise type of thing is trying to KEEP IT an exercise, rather than yielding to the impulse to create a finished piece. i think i might start calling mine a "workbook" instead of an art journal, just to remind me i'm supposed to be practicing! in the meantime, this page makes me happy because it's seriously UGLY but i didn't start over... i played with it until the assignment was done, noted the interesting things i learned (tombow markers can be blended with a paintbrush like watercolors!) and called it a night. go, me!!! :)

i always have a couple of art books or magazines in jeff's car and a couple next to the treadmill, just because i know those will be "dead" times i might want to flick through and soak up a little bit of someone else's creativity! at the moment i most often reach for dina wakley's art journal freedom, a sketchbook compilation called an illustrated life and joanne sharpe's whimsical lettering.

so what are ♥YOU♥ reading right now?

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  1. These are FANTASTIC!!!!!! Ugly....are you kidding?????? Wow! Simply AMAZING is more like it.


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