Wednesday, August 6, 2014

more painty, stitchy, flowery goodness

i'm still following along with the daily paper prompt on the daisy yellow blog, and so far there isn't a collage in sight. trust me, i'm as shocked about this as anyone... probably MORE! i'm sure i'll be back to my regularly scheduled "gluing pieces of paper to other pieces of paper" routine any minute, but right now it's all-media, all the time, so i'm just goin' with it! :)

ok, technically, this particular exercise didn't quite come out the way i thought: i scribbled concentric circles of water soluble wax crayons and then sprayed the heck out of them with my plant mister. i thought they'd get runny and drippy, which they did... but because i'd filled the whole page with color there was nowhere for it all to drip TO... so it just sort of ran into the sink. but it looked cool anyway, so i just kept going and added loads of stitching.

still loving alisa burke, my watercolors, and practicing blending. as you can see. kind of psyched when lovely husband jeff asked me if i'd make this into his mom's birthday card. 
(i said yes, obviously!)

even more watercolors! this was sooooooooooo much fun to make, i can't even tell you. which is somewhat hilarious because the idea of making something with only straight lines totally flummoxed me for most of the day. then i stopped thinking and sat down with a pen. problem solved!

another prompt which had me scratching my head and thinking i might go freestyle for the day; until i got to the very last line of tammy's post which said, "long live free-range organic doodling!" well, YEAH!!!!! 

long live free-range organic whatever-creative-thing you feel like doing today, darlings!
(though, as a matter of fact, i do actually highly recommend doodling!)


  1. I LOVE your stitched-not-dripped circles - and all the other pages you made too! Such a wonderful and happy stuff on your blog - it is great to visit you early in the morning (here in Holland it is...) and start the day with lovelyness. Hope your day is great too!

  2. These are Fabulous, Lauren. I love the one with the "squares" (they look like the ones I draw.


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